WTAF! Wiping An Old Perverts Butt & Other Bad Behavior on EVA Air

The headline is bad enough, the contents…

Holy shit. This Philip Charlier is challenging the K-Man.


I don’t get how the article says it would protect the airline staff by hiring more male crews…do they think this would be any less traumatizing for a man?

Obese people must buy multiple seat tickets that allows them to fit and get business class if they can’t fit in economy seats and go into the bathroom. This needs to be policy ASAP.


No mention of the airline. There should be training on how to manage this type of situation. Bathroom assistance is obviously going to happen.

And if he was skinny, handsome, and Taiwanese would the complaint be similar?

If only it was a fat, old, Taiwanese butt. But a foreign butt. my god the horror


No one, other than someone either close to or trained and paid to, should have to wipe the guys butt for him, definitely not an air hostess. If he actually does need assistance and he was travelling alone what’s his plan for the rest of his trip…


Looks like EVA, certainly wouldn’t have gotten away with it on a western airline.

I don’t think the race issue should come into play, probably just easier to use to demonize.

But for most people, seeing a naked obese man who looks like he hasn’t showered in days and takes care of himself in any hygienic way is enough to cause a reasonable complaint. Most people don’t enjoy seeing sagging bags of fat to put it kindly.

Finally, with passengers affected by the disturbance, the flight attendant donned three layers of surgical gloves to comply with the man’s requests. However, not satisfied with the clean-up operation, the “disgusting old white man” (Sanli News) kept saying “deeper, deeper!”

Good lord


Seems EVA air, and it’s not job of airline staff. He should got a nurse and/or family like others with medical conditions do so.


Or a adult diaper if he knew he couldn’t do his business.

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I just wouldn’t do it. He can not wipe and figure it out. I don’t think I can do it without vomiting all over the place. He’d have to have me surrounded with guns for this.


Yes also this is also good, would be interesting TSA (airport security body) scan at LAX airport or maybe he did not fit in the security body scanner. I think in this case he was lucky he was on EVA air, on United Airlines which I use a lot I could not see ANY(male or female) flight attendant doing this.

Obviously he’s a pervert. Of course he could use his left hand. However, people need to learn to say no. Why did she agree?

It’s so weak to agree to do something and then play online victim afterwards.


I do believe it is in their job description to get people under control and back to their seats. Possible backlash if she didn’t help him is possible, and this is a job highly sought after and she may have really needed it.

But yeah, I think i’d need to have a gun pointed at my head to agree to do this.

That is hilarious. Have these stewardesses never heard of rock, paper, scissors? I can’t believe one hostess was …uh, stuck carrying this …uh, load all by herself.

And then the guy gets off the plane and tells a male airport staffer that he does not need his help going to the bathroom?! Girls were p3ned!

Is this article legit? This is too much comedic gold to be real. :laughing:


Seems real. From another airline board, seems passenger was frequent flyer flying to Thailand often on EVA air and ground staff knew him. It’s posted he has been added EVA Air “no fly list”

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This must have been an unpleasant experience for the stewardess, but she makes the airline look bad by “unloading” about it on Instagram. I wonder if she’ll lose her job for this.

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‘Being forced to see the man’s genitalia’
Normally with seriously overweight men the genitalia are somewhere hidden inside the mass.

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Yes, indeed. It’s such a glamorous job.

Millions of girls dream of attaining such a privileged position. And the odd boy or two.