WTAF! Wiping An Old Perverts Butt & Other Bad Behavior on EVA Air

Guess there are obnoxious humans everywhere . My opinion is that if you are not capable of wiping your arse , you should not be alone , or even going on a trip . The business class passengers complaining should have locked him in and ignored him or wiped his arse :yum:


I won’t ask how you know that.


I’ve seen enormously overweight middle aged men naked. Believe it or not!

OK, thanks, enough sharing…

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I agree and I feel bad for the staff that had to deal with this weirdo.

Some of the reporting in Chinese also made it a point to indicate that he was white, which really has nothing to do with it. But the way this guy acted outweighs (pun intended?) the xenophobia, in my mind.

That’s just great. There may be no end to the need to tell stateside relatives that I live in Tai-WAN.

Tai-WAN, folks, Tai-WAN.

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In Taiwan it is for women. Especially for nicer ones like Eva which is really hard to get a job at with lots of requirements and tests plus training.

Here is a sensible, drama-free comment on one news site:


Can’t tell you how many girls iv’ve met who, when asked what they are doing with their lives, respond by saying ‘oh, preparing to take test for flight attendant’.

Also, they refer to working for EVA like it’s working for some A-list Hollywood movie.
Not judging, just an observation

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I love EVA Air. They have their own area at TPE for clearing customs on outbound flights (much less crowded), and their customer service has always been superb. Plus they’ve sent me a Happy Birthday email every year for the past 16 years.

My only complaint is that they have somehow managed to outfit their 777’s with a weirdly padded, slightly uncomfortable seat in premium economy, the only airline to have done so ime.

and Business class is a strange, non-straight seating arrangement. Premium economy seats are bad, indeed I go numb after a few hours. Sat next to an Eva lady on the HSR back to Taichung once, who told me she didn’t have a boyfriend within the first 5 minutes. I didn’t ask anything personal about her . Not a job that is as good as you may thing , I surmise.

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I usually try to fly Eva. Their service has always left little for me to complain about.

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There are very few Taiwanese people who are fat to the point of not being able to wipe their own ass so it’s an extremely unlikely scenario.

Shame on you. This is sexual harassment.

I’m not the one who pointed out it being a fat perverted white man. That’s white harassment and male harassment right there


Makes no difference.

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So you’re saying that a man, good-looking or not, asking someone else to wipe his ass is not sexual harassment?

It makes all the difference.

So if the headline read "fat, old, butt" readers would have been confused by the situation?

Add in “foreign” and suddenly there’s no confusion.


Now I’m confused. If a human being needs assistance then they need assistance male or female fat or not fat or white or not white.

If proven to be a pervert and that’s a whole another category.

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This is beyond normal assistance. On the bullet trains if he did that, with an open door as he did on the plane someone would call the police. The flight attendant is not a personal nurse, if you feel that is their job they may not agree (I also think it’s not their job…

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So much for all the “glitz” and “glamor” of being a flight attendant…