WTAF! Wiping an old perverts butt!?


Are there airmarshalls on every flight coming/going from/to US or just on US airlines? :eek:


Not sure. @tommy525 probably knows.


Considering Chinese passengers are well known for throwing hot water on a FA´s face when they are slow with their fifth gin and tonic, well, you can see why they are a bit more flexible.

Plus they do not have the airline´s backup. That is key.


Present him the bill for the clean-up, disinfection of the plane, grounding of the plane, and all the other costs involved.


Time for Eva to employ male attendants
And no one should be asked to wipe someone’s butt

He needs to be banned from all airlines without having his personal nurse on board

I don’t think many flights have air Marshalls

It’s a well kept secret and only the crew are advised if Marshalls are onboard

They don’t present themselves unless there is a situation that requires them

The Butt wipe is not sufficient reason for them to appear

American air Marshalls are only on us airlines FAIK


Can’t they throw him in the hold with the dogs?


Those poor dogs. I wouldn’t want him back there with my pet. He’d probably eat him.


Planes have made emergency landings to kick off passengers for things far less than this.


I was thinking a different immoral act. :wink:


Probably both. One after the other.


What, wipe himself with them?


Wonder if this guy dares to pull this off flying united airline domestic flight from LAX to other major US cities. He will be cuffed and turned over to flight marshal for disruptive behavior.


He’d probably end up like that poor Vietnamese doctor.


Would they even be able to drag him off the plane?


I guess they could try to roll him, but the aisle may not be wide enough.


EVA’s own policies state that flight attendants won’t provide that sort of service (on their web site). So why wasn’t the purser/supervisor brought in on this one when the request was made?

The Chinese press is also reporting quotes calling the passenger a 洋豬 – “foreign pig” – I bet he’d have a great libel case in Taiwan since those are published with attribution.


Some reports identify her as the purser. One called her vice purser.


The perp was not Taiwanese?


I dunno, doesn’t the assertion have to be untrue for it to be libel?


He’s a fat animal that wallows in his own shit until someone else cleans him out of disgust. If that’s not a pig, then what is?
How about he learn to wipe his own ass before he starts threatening to file lawsuits?