WTAF! Wiping an old perverts butt!?


Pigs are actually pretty clean. They don’t wallow in their own shit unless they have no choice.

So I suppose calling him a pig is an insult to pigs.


I believe he’d need to be named or identifiable before being able to take any sort of case.


EVA should really have a cabin crew gender ratio equally to that in society. It is 2019 after all.


Let’s say they made a quota, now you just laid off half the current staff and can’t find replacements because most guys in Taiwan do not what this job.


Hmm, I wouldn’t be so sure about that.


Well that’s very problematic. We need to create men in hospitality programs to bridge the gender gap.


I’ve never met a guy in Taiwan that wanted this as a job.


Well we obviously need to remedy that. If the workforce does not 100% represent the gender diversity of the nation then there’s something patriarchal and wrong.


Maybe it’s the Asian privilege crowd you run with. :grin: I know plenty of guys who would jump at that steady, decent salary and the chance to travel. They wouldn’t be wild about the job itself, but most people hate their jobs anyway.


How do you expect to ever get a girlfriend with all this red-pill talk? Drink two glasses of soy milk and call me in the morning. :sunglasses:


I guess as a consumer I feel better and more comfortable getting good service from a nice looking young woman sitting in a tin box in the sky. People say men can do things like protect and do more heavy work load. But none of that’s relevant when the plane is going down.


who is “we”?
if men don’t want to study nursing, you can’t hold a gun to them.
on the other hand, men in nursing are on the rise in the US, because of heavy demand for nurses. market forces are facilitating this


Personally, I don’t really care who’s slinging my MRE, just as long as they keep the free booze flowing.


You don’t understand. Men are unwilling to do these jobs because they are considered “feminine” and this is a systematic problem of the patriarchal cis old white christian male oppression our society is experiencing. Every field that is dominated by women, such as nursing, teaching, hospitality, modeling, porn etc should become representitive of the diverse gender makeup of our society


It’s ok I’ll ask the chick out. first i have to lose some balls and gain some weight though


I taught at an airline test buxiban. There are enough men for a 50% ratio, at least 25%. It is company policy to have pretty models who serve as cabin crew.

You still need size and weight requirements for safety issues.

Nevertheless, having men on board will not disuade the perverts any more than having men on the streets does. But good company policy, yes, that would help. Meaning EVA growing a pair.


Or indeed the nice looking young woman.

I think there should be at least one assertive person on board, preferably built like Andrew0409. Whether they’re male or female doesn’t really matter. Occasionally you get a passenger who needs to be read the riot act, and it just doesn’t work in a Hello Kitty voice.


Can you unpack this for me, please?

Diverse genders? I thought there are 2? Do you see the trap that your thinking can lead to? eg. Jimmy can’t get a job so Jimmy ‘self identifies’ as a squirrel. He now satisfies your diversity quotient. Jimmy gets a job, Sally pounds the pavement.


guys … I think @Uncreativeusername is being sarcastic …


What authority does Taiwanese laws even give to flight attendants? None of this really matters if they don’t really have much. I have no clue on the laws.