WTAF! Wiping an old perverts butt!?


As stated in the press conference, the union complained that the airline does not have their backs. Legally speaking, I woudl like to know too if there would be any recourse aside from suing the passenger afterwards.


I don’t know where to find it. But I’m guessing it’s not very much if the airlines don’t have their backs since the airlines would have to follow laws set for them.


My bad. I don’t have my elevator shoes on this morn.


EVA´s website says the flight attendanmts do not have to perform those tasks, yet as per the union´s sttements, theburden of passenger care, including dealing with this guy, was thrown on the staff without support.

EVA insists they are following US law and that they have written on their website that they are not responsible for helping passengers with dissabilities. Nevertheless, that does not seem to be the reality.

From CNA`s report:


“We take their safety and wellbeing very seriously,” EVA Air said in a statement. “Our guidelines for passengers with special needs mirror those of the U.S. Department of Transportation and obligate passengers to provide prior notice if they require special assistance during flights.”

“Our cabin crews are NOT required to assist passengers in use of lavatories, feed them or administer medications,” the Taiwanese airline said.

It said cabin crews can follow its guidelines for handling unexpected disturbances when passengers make unreasonable demands.

“They can refuse the demand, provide a verbal warning and take other steps that may be necessary,” EVA Air said. “Our priority is always the safety and wellbeing of our passengers and cabin crews.”

At the press conference, the workers’ union said the incident clearly constituted sexual harassment and it asked that EVA Air sue the passenger, who allegedly had caused trouble several times before on the airline’s flights.

According to the union, it learned that the passenger in question had defecated in his underwear during an EVA Air flight in May 2018 but the airline did not blacklist him. Rather, EVA Air has been leaving its flight attendants to deal with the man every time he flies with the airline, the union said.

The union urged EVA to establish a standard operation procedure that would include a requirement for physically challenged passengers to be accompanied by a caretaker and for flight attendants to have the final say if they are asked to do something that makes them uncomfortable or they consider unreasonable.

So EVA says they can´t refuse. That the crew feels otherwise speaks volumes about company culture. That is the issue.


Seems American guy. But it’s not say Taiwanese might do something like that. This morning taking a Taxi to the Bullet train to Taipei, a guy (I guess local) was pissing at the tree like a dog, with pants down to his knees. Full nude view in the area which should be covered. To be fair it was outside a bar at 6am, he was I guess not sober. After I got to Taipei, told my little story and my Taipei staff told me her stories in Sanchung her home of like men.


Hence, the title of this thread is Wipe That American Fanny


I guarantee you would get thousands of applicants if they had the jobs going for guys!


We had no lack of male applicants, for no airline jobs. Most guys had wanted to be pilots but were not able/were still paying for flying lessons or just wanted to travel/were infatuated with planes, like the rest of us.


You get kicked off for body odor in the US lol


That’s racist!


The conversation transcript sounds like the sort of exchange that happened in the schoolyard when I was about five or six.

You stink! No, you stink! Well, you stink more cos you’re a Jew and Jews don’t have showers, my dad told me, so ner!

So the key question is: are Americans getting dumber, or actually stinkier?

Tell you what though, some people on planes really are pretty rancid. I give them a free pass on the basis that they’ve probably been stuck in an airport staring at the ceiling and drinking overpriced coffee for 18 hours.


I don’t. Buy yourself a lounge pass and shower. Some people are particularly sensitive to odors like me. People need to take care of their business and clean themselves. Especially if you know you produce a lot of body odor.


Sometimes that option doesn’t exist. I have a Priority Pass and I always use the shower just because I can, but there’s often a queue, some lounges don’t have showers, some charge extra, and at some crappy airports there are no pay lounges at all (example: Manila T1). Also, $20-25 to take a shower isn’t a comfortable decision for the average traveller in cattle class.

But yeah, it would be nice if some of the really ripe customers could at least have a quick wipe-down in the restroom.


Lots of folks can’t afford the showers.


But they can afford to fly?


They can’t afford to fly either.
Their tickets are paid for by others.
Very good example are the Filipino shipping crews that fly between Holland and Asia.
Those guys usually don’t smell bad though I have flown a lot on their TPE AMS route.


I have a pretty high tolerance to other people’s BO. I’ve never had a problem with anyone on a flight smell wise.


It can be bad when you are wedged beside somebody for 12 hrs…


Flying sucks. If I ever get rich and can move out of cattle class I’m pretty sure it will still suck.


They need to figure it out. Carry a change of shirts. Carry some small deodorant. If you’re a grown adult, the common courtesy is to not be ratchet for others. If you have to spend a extra 20 bucks for a shower. You need to do it. No excuses unless you’re literally broke.