WTAF! Wiping an old perverts butt!?


No, it doesn’t :slight_smile:

It’s worth the extra $, especially long-haul flights where you can lie down and sleep, and the cute FAs come around asking if you need another glass of champagne or a handjob. I might by lying about that last bit.


LINE news says the fat fuck bought an EVA ticket from Bangkok to LA, passing back thru Taoyuan in May. lol. Let the shit games continue.



You’ll be first against the wall when the revolution comes, comrade.


Hehe , Yes these people should first, it’s a disgrace. :joy:


If it’s any consolation, the whole Brexit debacle has severely constrained my bourgeois privileges. I am now forced to rub shoulders with the great unwashed. Thanks, Theresa.


It makes a massive difference on long haul flights. I know guys who regularly fly between US and UK and Australia. I can bet you they would not do it if it was economy. If you are a frequent traveller air travel still sucks though because of all the security checks and the delays and mafan. It just takes ages sometimes clearing immigration and sitting on planes waiting to take off. It’s easy to pick up colds and get run down.


Yeah. Anything past the 4-5 hour mark, it makes a huge difference. I never feel the need for it in short hour flight. Flew first class once for a 20min flight lol. What a waste.


I once got a free upgrade - for no apparent reason - and spent the whole flight being ill. Didn’t touch the booze or the food. Made several trips to the toilet. Did not ask for any assistance with wiping.


Thanks for sharing :thinking: Or did you mean assistants?


I’m pretty sure the guy could have wiped. He just chose not to. I’ve taped up broken fingers to keep playing. Played basketball on a broken toes before. Was able to walk around without assistance on a broken ankle. which was stupid because it didn’t heal so good. I regret it now but I literally thought I’d be fine in a few days in my mind. Pretty sure wiping is not that difficult of a task with a broken hand. Even my roommate who was shot in the arms and lost arm function could wipe with his other hand.


Instead of asshole we can name it asswipe!


So he’s definitely been shamed, but has Swampass McGillicuddy been officially named yet? Curious who this modern hero of the skies really is.


You missed out apparently.


I suspect he’s on the verge of becoming an internet meme.


The part that keeps killing me is how they keep emphasising that the poor lady had on THREE pairs of latex gloves to do the deed.
I keep imagining her in the galley going through a gradual escalation like Butch in the pawn shop in Pulp Fiction working his way up to the katana…


Good. I don’t think the flight attendant is some martyred saint. But I also hope he gets what’s coming to him too.


Shit in his face!


He’d probably like it. Dude is heading to Thailand so you know he’s probably into all kinds of kinky shit.


Well, obviously the flight attendants are broken hearted because the company is not banning this guy but dumping literally the poop on them. Company probably wants to avoid a lawsuit for discrimination and does not want to piss off US customers.

Moreover, more weird incidents are coming up, like a group of guys described as South American marines who went berserk and fought and bit the flight attendants…again, little to none company support.

Text follows:


I can’t read this, Icon. Does it mean Eva are still going to allow him to fly?

This is important to me because I am deciding whether to fly Eva again.