WTAF! Wiping an old perverts butt!?


Well, from what I gather, his reservations have not been cancelled, meaning he probably threatened the airline with a lawsuit when they banned him…if they did actually banned him and not just threw the whole mess again into the crew’s lap, which I suspect is the case since the staff is so worked up they are digging out more cases where the airline has not shown support for them.

I do not understand. EVA should be in good graces with US authorities. Why can’t they get this guy off their planes?


What a bunch of cowards. I think if he sues, EVA has grounds for a counter suit for stuff like sexual assault, public indecency or at least harassment. And they probably have better lawyers than jigglytits.


What worries me is that other assshats will hear of this and fly EVA, encouraged to act like jerks in the air just because they can. I love EVA, best service overall plus safety, but if I cannot feel safe on the plane because of brutes acting out, I am sorry to say, I won’t keep choosing them. I agree to paying more because I think they are worth it, but as ex airline and now passenger, safety is number one. There is no room for fooling around at 10 thousand feet.


One point that’s emerged from this awful debacle is that EVA’s ground crew at LAX evidently dropped the ball.

Lots more details (perhaps too many details) in this long thread over at flyertalk:




Eva were my preferred carrier. However, I need to see their management taking a principled stand here or I won’t use them again.


The girl just enjoys wiping old guys asses.


How did the ground crew err? He wasn’t blacklisted.

In May 2018 on the same flight, he made the same demands but was struck down. Instead, he defecates into his pants in his seat. Pax complains, leading to a discipline hearing for the FA’s as to why this happened in this first place. They are let off with warnings

So the previous time that he did this, the flight crew refused to help and they got a warning. Likely they we told they would be fired next time. So Eva doesn’t really care if the flight attendants have to wipe a fat guy’s butt.

The only recourse she probably has is to sue him in the USA. Possibly try to get him on the US general blacklist.


Which is probably what our friends and family think of us for living in Thaiwan, too :sweat_smile:


Okay, Nature Boy is flying back sometime in May. This is somebody’s chance to apply to Eva Air as a flight attendant, and tell them that they WANT to be assigned to his flight, and promise not to be gentle. I bet they get hired.


Only the ignorant ones I barely talk to on Facebook. My family and close friends aren’t that stupid.


Can you imagine you board a flight and shitass is in the seat (seats?) next to you.

Don’t buy any EVA tickets for May.


My friends aren’t that smart


I fly fairly often…Eva is alright but the gap between China Airlines and Eva is really not much to my mind. Eva occasionally has better ice cream and hello kitty planes , perhaps slightly newer craft ? In the end I always choose which suits my schedule. Of course if you want the lounge and the airmiles it’s better to choose one or the other.


Situations like this is why I prefer the matronly ladies that western airlines hire to staff their planes. There’s no way this scumbag would’ve pulled a stunt like this on an American Airlines flight.

The pretty little young things are nice to look at but they just seem so helpless. They lack the confidence and fearlessness of a woman in her forties who’s wiped some ass before.


I have a fear of flying …and a GREAT fear of flying Economy class.


EVA should blacklist him for sure. Why allow this SHIT to happen …literally !


The FA cannot sue the guy without the airline’s support. Suing in the US is way too expensive, beyond her means. Moreover, if she sues without EVA’s consent, because of tgethe bad publicity, she gets fired and probably sued. She cannot sue EVA because even if she wins they will maje sure she does not see a penny and never gets another job in the industry.


We matronly 40 something ladies appreciate your trust.


Middle-aged women keep the wheels of the world turning! :fist:


ayi power!