WTAF! Wiping an old perverts butt!?


I don’t see how this would matter in basically a customer service job. Are we expecting them to take down terrorists?


No? Just to be better equipped to figure out how to deal tactfully with a situation like that. And more emotionally prepared to have to get their hands dirty. With age comes wisdom, experience, etc.


I don’t think you need much wisdom to deal with something like this. Seems like a pretty clear cut fuck off im not wiping your ass is what 99.99% of the world thinks. And they shouldn’t have to get their hands dirty and literally wipe the guys ass. That’s certainly not in the job description.

With age, lots of them become cold and bitter. Rude and can’t be bothered.

Their job is to provide a good experience. Being good looking seems like a more useful characteristic than fearless.

It’s EVA that needs to grow a pair and black list this guy and take care of their employees.


personally i would take friendly service over good looks. the girls on eva might be good looking but they wouldn’t know what to do if you hit them with some small talk. robotic.
i find it weird how they don’t fail to tell me to take out my head phones but pooping with the door open is ok? headphones? no no. door open pooping? yes yes!


Maybe they could use sandpaper? 40 grit!


This is what I told my wife on our first date.


Imagine you’re in China, no door pooping!


Eva is ranked like 3rd or 5th best airline or something in the world. China airlines is like 30th or something.


Doesn’t feel like such a big difference.


eva air also has old planes without TV’s


once when i china i seriously needed to take a dump. i was waiting like 2 or 3 hours in a car journey. then i was taken to a restaurant which had some strange version of pizza. big place, 2 floors, big open spaces, kind of posh. no toilet doors. couldn’t go.


Yep. That sounds like China.



Were they afraid they’d be asked to wipe her ass too?


This would be a dream come true. Think book and film rights.


Lol that’s straight-to-dvd at best.


Okay, a really kick-ass YouTube video. I could be the next Logan Paul.


Except instead of a dead guy in a forest, you’ll film a fat guy in an airplane lavatory.


I never saw that there o.o
Although I think Taiwan isn’t much better, when the urinals are in plain view of anyone walking past, and the hallway smells of stale piss


Nowadays, yes. First line of defense.

Currently the spearhead in stopping human trafficking.