WTAF! Wiping an old perverts butt!?


Unfortunately, by the time they hit 40…They are shown the door.

It was stated that EVA reprimanded the staff for not helping the passenger the time other passengers stepped in. Hence one can conclude EVA was more concerned about face than actually doing something. It would have been so simple as to enforce that this guy needs a caretaker in order to fly…or won’t fly. But ignoring the problem has made it worse.


Yup. And this is why the ground crew at LAX dropped the ball. They let this guy on the plane when they should not have done so.



Not always! The ones who fly for that long can and often do move to an office position, and up the food chain.


From a Taiwanese consumer’s perspective, the biggest difference is that you can be assured of Taiwanese speaking workers at EVA. That and the historical safety record, which of course is greatly in EVA’s favour (though lately the two do not seem to differ greatly—and in fact EVA seems to have become riskier than before by flying into typhoons and the like!).



He «hid» his affliction from them. If you read the airline forum account, he started his petitions 2 hours into the flight, beyond the turning back point.

I am starting to cast doubt on his health affliction…other than somewhere around the noggin.


Well EVA has been among the safest airlines in the world for many consecutive years, while China Scarelines has had to win back the trust of the passengers after its bad practices led to several fatal crashes and other almost deadly incidents - look at the account of the plane that almost fell mid Pacific.


Talk about dangerous accounting! : D



Friggin Huawei spell checker. Communist sabotage!


Please don’t use Huawei. Thank you!



that sounds like a reasonable statement. but in china they somehow manage to be decently worse. in my old place of work the smell as you got close to the bogs was just vile. i thought taiwan had the same poopy paper in the basket system as china but it just smells a hell of a lot worse over there.

then theres the random shit-attacked toilets. i saw it once, every toilet plastered in shit. inside and out. and i’ve heard from others who have seen similar so its kind of a common occurrence.


the other big difference is the increased chance of being cancelled and delayed, especially if there is a stop over in china. they cancel flights willy nilly over there. no Fs given.


I appreciate Chinese public bathrooms because I stopped fearing even the worst Taiwanese public bathrooms after my experience in China. The sights I saw… the smells I smelled. I actually threw out the pair of shoes that I wore around China after the trip because I couldn’t get the images out of my mind, and didn’t want to bring any vestige of that anywhere near my home.

I also had the most memorable pee of my life on a train in China. I’ll never forget looking down and realizing I could actually see the train tracks passing by beneath my ass.

Hell of a country.


Taiwan’s public bathrooms are actually pretty clean compared to the rest of the world. They’re ratchet in Europe, and US and Canada aren’t that much better imo. Just no squatting ones probably makes it better. But overall I don’t feel Taiwan’s is that bad.

Most disgusting public bathrooms from what I heard is India. I’ve heard some places have a thousand to one ratio of people to a single toilet.


The restrooms at Taipei Main are nothing short of amazing. I’ve rented taofangs that were smaller. Complete with electrical outlets, hanging pegs, everything short of a table and chairs.


Haha, this is the thing I took away from China as well. I can poop anywhere now with no shame. Local public toilet in Beijing was just a raised wooden platform with a few holes drilled in it. It’s kind of liberating.


They are more like, non-existent, in England. I feel like they expect everyone to pee on the streets or something.

Taipei MRT is the only major mass transit system where every single stop has toilets (and are pretty big and have facilities for the physically-challenged) that I’ve ridden on. Maybe they have it in Seoul or HK but I don’t remember. In Paris or London only big stations have toilets (usually not very nice) and you’d usually have to walk for forever to get to them.


Flight delays in China are notorious—but they have little to do with the airlines. It’s due to the fact that the PLA (i.e. China’s military) control PRC airspace and have priority over commercial aircraft.

But yes, you are correct that EVA’s on time performance is statistically better than China Airlines, though it’s still not as good as top performers like Japan Airlines.



Yes the PLA routinely close air space and they don’t give any warning or reason. Often it’s because the top pols are flying around.

But there is a lot of congestion there as well because of the number of flights. Also smog causes delays in Winter. Very common to have delayed flights in China, in fact , normal. Usually they’ll just load up the plane and then they queue them up on the taxiway. Could be waiting an hour to take off…Uncomfortable. I believe it has the most flight delays worldwide of any major country.

There was also a long period where every evening flight to and from Taoyuan was delayed because of the second runway being redone. That’s fixed now and they are planning and building the third runway and terminal.


Worse when he’d occupy half of your seat too!


I didn’t study the worldwide situation on public toilets, to each his own I guess.