WTAF! Wiping an old perverts butt!?


Is EVA just turning itself into the worst airline for not supporting its employees?

First the shitmeister and now this. I hope the gal sues EVA for this.


They were asking for a friend.


I wonder what kind of “personal information” that would be. Moles on her nethers?


Great. Yet another airline added to my blacklist.



“After watching the video”!!:rofl::rofl::rofl: I don’t have to watch a porno to know that I’m not in it, does she mean she’s not in ‘this’ porno?!


SukiSukiGirl does some nasty work. I would like to meet this air hostess…


WTAF. how could a company be this clueless.


Even with the bathrooms there, my Taipei co worker told us story of guy taking a dump(#2) in from exit 3-West in the trees just outside the doors of the station. Our offices are short walk away so in the station frequently and will say many “strange” people there.

On a side note, this message board has the bad passengers name, age, ect https://www.flyertalk.com/forum/eva-air-infinity-mileagelands/1951989-br-flight-attendant-sexually-harassed-gentleman-disability-14.html


There’s a comic book called “He Said / She Said” based on various real-life cases. One side is the man’s story, and when you flip the comic over, the other side is the woman’s. For instance, they did Woody Allen and Mia Farrow. This would be the perfect content. Ideally, they should get Gambee to recount how he got into his fetish. And of course there has to be a (wait for it) SPLASH PAGE !!!

This story has inspired me to immortalize it in the form of epic poetry.


The more I read about this pervert, the more I’m disgusted. And I’m not taking about his weight; I’m taking about his filthy and depraved demeanor.


We must go deeper into this issue.



I think you are being harsh with @Dr_Milker, myself …but oh wait, you mean the EVA guy ? As you were. :wink:


Nice smear attempt. By the way, some great headlines in the local rags.


Deep enough?



Facebook search function, here I come!


I thought we weren’t supposed to reveal forum member’s identities. But then, I guess we can’t really see @Dr_Milker 's face in the photo :slight_smile:


That’s definitely not me. I’m yellow with brown patches.



Big breakthrough! TT

" EVA to demand passenger brings carer"

“In response to growing concerns from the Flight Attendants’ Union, EVA Airways Corp (長榮航空) yesterday said it would not provide transportation to a male passenger who last month asked a flight attendant to wipe his behind unless he is accompanied by an assistant.”

Seriously? See below!

“We cannot directly refuse transportation to the male passenger, as he is disabled and protected by the US American Air Carrier Access Act,” EVA spokesman Golden Kou (柯金成) told a news conference in Taipei. “We have to be cautious and ensure that we do not break the law.”

Who the hell cares, they’ve blacklisted people for less!


Are they stupid? Blacklist him for acting out on the plane not because he is disabled.


“The man would not be blacklisted, as “no carrier would admit that there is such a list, “Kou said.” :rofl::roll: