WTAF! Wiping an old perverts butt!?


There is literally something called a no-fly list, which is essentially a blacklist.

So stupid. Hopefully, Tub-O-Lard is too lazy or broke to fly a carer out with him. I still wouldn’t want to share a plane with him.


Maybe he can take the ‘slow boat’ to China?


I just think this is the real reason they are not banning him, 20+ flights.

EVA Air Spokesman Ke Chin-cheng (柯金成) dsof on the previous 20 flights the passenger had taken on the airline, he had never been reported for disorderly conduct, with the exception of a flight last May.


Shitting in your seat is a damn big exception.


Is this dude gonna get banned on China Airlines? He even did the Public Apology of guilt.


Being very excited because of CNY is a new excuse. Usually it’s prescription drugs, alcohol, the stress of being rich and famous, combined with high altitude.

I’d love to have a celeb who gets drunk and behaves like an asshole admit that it was because they’re a drunken asshole.


In my opinion, this whole thing should have never happened. After he soiled his pants the first time, he should have been made to travel with a career. But I feel the airline don’t care about its staff. Or other passengers for that matter and just look at the money.


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