WTAF! Wiping an old perverts butt!?


A plane is not a hospital!


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Not saying that’s pleasant, but there’s a HUGE difference between a nurse being asked to do that (especially when it comes to disabled or elderly patients) and asking a flight attendant to do that. I’m sure nurses know what they’re getting into when they’re assigned to elder care.


This is really a triumph for new media. Twenty years ago the employees would not have been heard, and because anything to do with defecation and passengers on an aeroplane would not be considered good press, all the old guard at EVA would have called in some guanxi and made sure nothing went to news outlets. So glad she shoved it up all these old farts at EVA and went to war in the media, I hope we see more of it. And it’s over something meaningful too, not some spat over a seat or some such nonsense.

For those criticising her means, remember she was abused in this situation. She is actually the victim of a crime here.


You know you’re doing something wrong when The Daily Mail has better writing than you. (I’m looking at you Taiwan English News)


From CNA -

Taipei, Jan. 21 (CNA) An EVA Air female flight attendant on Monday accused a foreign passenger of sexual harassment during a flight from Los Angeles to Taipei on Jan. 19, criticizing the airline for not supporting its staff.

Accompanied by representatives from the Taoyuan Flight Attendants Union, the flight attendant, who declined to give her name, said an overweight man confined to a wheelchair informed her he required assistance going to the bathroom about two hours into the flight.

The man asked the flight attendant making the complaint and two other female members of staff to help him remove his underwear, indicating he was unable to do so himself.

“I felt that as a flight attendant, removing a passenger’s underwear was beyond the scope of my responsibilities,” said the deputy cabin service head.

Despite their reluctance, three female members of the flight crew, EVA has no male flight attendants, tried to cover the passenger’s genitals with a blanket while taking off his underwear.

The flight attendant said it was then that the passenger slapped her hand causing her to drop the blanket and exposing himself. He also demanded that the lavatory door be kept open, otherwise “he couldn’t breathe.”

The crew managed to keep the door closed, but when the man was finished, he refused to leave the bathroom unless they help him wipe his bottom.

The crew initially refused, but considering the need for other passengers to use the toilet, the cabin service director eventually did as the man asked. It was while helping him that the passenger started to make moaning noises and said “deeper,” deputy cabin service head said.

The union said the incident clearly constituted sexual harassment and asked that EVA sue the passenger, who has caused trouble on several previous occasions when flying with the company.

Moreover, it was revealed that the passenger in question defecated in his underwear on a previous flight in May 2018, after which the airline did not place him on a blacklist, but rather left frontline flight attendants to deal with the man every time he flew with the airline, the union said.

The union urged EVA to establish standard operation procedures, including making sure that physically-challenged passengers are accompanied by a caretaker, and that flight attendants have the final say when asked to do something that makes them uncomfortable or they consider unreasonable.

Later Monday, EVA issued a press statement saying flight staff are perfectly entitled to refuse passenger’s requests they consider inappropriate. They also pointed out that male cabin staff also helped the passenger in question during the flight.

The company also said it backs the flight staff completely and are prepared to offer assistance, if needed, to sue the passenger.

(By Lee Hsin-Yin)


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Which is it CNA?! Not even doing the most basic research is bad enough but contradicting themselves in a single article…:roll_eyes:


Not really contradictory, as they are quoting what the other patrty said. Whether that is truthful or accurate, that is a different story.

So the question is:

  1. Does EVA have male flight attendants?

  2. If yes, were there male flight attendants on board at the time of the incident?

  3. Is there any company policy regarding having an opposite sex flight attendant ratio? (Not that it really matters, but for the record)

  1. No, this was mentioned.When the guy reached the ground he rejected an offer of help from a male airline staffer, so 1 may be a yes. Dunno on 3.

(Website doesn’t allow numbering out of order.)


Interstingly, the Daily Mail also has the quote as “no male attendants in EVA”. That will give a bad impression abroad…

So either this was a misquote or wrong translation, me thinks.

First of all, it shouldn´t matter whether it is male or female, a flight attendant must be respected equally. If it requires to hire a bunch of Rock clones on a plane to keep it safe, we got a problem.

The main issue is that the company should not just dump this problem into the hands of male staff but rather protect all staff, regardless of gender.

Second, while the image of pretty and daintly waitress in th sky is nice, the job entails much more. I have told you guys that you can make fun of us obasans as flight attendants, when you say that you do not like us, but the truth is that you are in safer hands with more experienced staff, male or female.


It’s entirely contradictory.


I was making the questions as illustration. I have flown EVA before, so I was really puzzled as to why it has been repeteadly stated that there are no male flight attendants -they may call them something else, but anyways, as I said before it is not relevant.

CNA was citing the affected party´s account first, then EVA statement. As a reporter, you are supposed to quote statements verbatim, then offer any explanation/additional data, whether supporting or opposing the statement, but you cannot change it. If they said so, so it goes. Problem is if it is misquoted or mistranslated, but as I also said, that is another story.

Please look at Taipei Times account of the incident. Aside from teh horrible pun of a title, it adds more relevant data:

The airline was indifferent to her experience, asking how photographs had been leaked instead of expressing any sympathy for her, she said.

Union members have reported that the man has flown on EVA Air several times since May and made the same request of other crew members, the union said.

When his request was denied on a previous flight, he defecated on his seat, the union added.

Following passenger complaints, the airline blamed crew members for not assisting the passenger, rather than supporting them in denying such a request, it said.

EVA Air said in a statement that it would clarify its understanding of the passenger’s physical limitations, adding that it is consulting a US attorney about regulations that might require physically challenged passengers to be accompanied by a caretaker on flights.

The company said it would back flight attendants who refuse similar demands and support Kuo if she wanted to file a lawsuit against the man.

The top comment has this golden piece of data:

Looks like the Eva Air website says
We are unable to provide the following assistance for passengers with disabilities:
Assistance with feeding of meals.
Medical services.
Assistance within the restroom or assistance at the seat with defecation and/or urination functions.
Should you require the above-mentioned services. Please prepare in advance so you can accomplish what you need without the assistance of a flight attendant.




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Hostess from the past. Times seemed a bit more laid back :joy:


I always fly EVA and I’ve never noticed a male cabin crew. That could be because they don’t catch my eye.


I was one of the first batch of doctors in Taipei who sat through the 8 hour weekend course on aviation medicine to be eligible for China Airline’s onboard medical care program. Doctors were trained on basic aviation emergencies and to refresh our ACLS acute cardiac life support certification knowledge taking place in high altitude flight cabin environment. The program was entirely voluntary. Doctors receive no compensation for providing service during the flight. Eligible doctors are issued a complimentary gold card and are allowed to check in one additional piece of luggage.

Service industry is a tough field. Restaurant owners have the right to refuse service to customers. Doctors and nurses do not have the right to refuse service to patients during emergency situations. Cabin crew members onboard flight should have the right to refuse service to this rude customer too. This lady should have left the scene and let this rude passenger suffer his own consequences. Suing the airline for post traumatic stress disorder VS suing the passenger for bullying and sexual harassment? Sane lawyer will encourage client to sue both parties and hope for a high settlement.


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