WTAF! Wiping an old perverts butt!?


Looks like they’ve already emptied most of the contents of the on-board bar.

Is a teacup the mile-high equivalent of a traffic cone?


within taiwan its a good job. with a well above average salary. great perks and great status. half the girls who do it have their head firmly stuck up their arse and show off the high life on their instagrams. in reality it may not be that glamorous a job but here its pretty high status.


Also they make good trophy wife status. As airlines have physical requirements. Guys are really into.


They have their heads up their asses because they know they beat a LOT of competition to get it. 80% of the female students at my uni want to be “airline hostesses.” I’m like “yeah, good luck.” The ugly ones who know they don’t have a shot, want to at least work in ground control.


i don’t have any sympathy for the girl.

the guy had already done this before, that time he shat himself and sat in it the whole flight. why was he allowed to fly with eva again ?
why was he even allowed to take a dump with the door open?
he was already being rude and shouting at people. he slapped away a girls hand when she tried to cover him up.
theres no excuse for her to wipe this guys ass.

the guy was also reported to have gone to the toilet after landing without needing any help.


They both suck for different reasons.


As opposed to " Major Tom" :grin:


[quote=“Marco925, post:125, topic:176360, full:true”]

You know you’re doing something wrong when The Daily Mail has better writing than you. (I’m looking at you Taiwan English News)[/quote]

Daily Mail article “EVA Air, which currently only employees female cabin crew…”

Typical Daily Mail drivel: bad grammar and wrong facts.


I know , they are getting down to the Independent Newspaper level now. :grin:


You and I still remember when there was smoking allowed in the planes. That dates us as…dated!


I think she obliged him because he would have made life uncomfortable for the rest of the passengers in business class which generates money. To avoid complaints, she went through with it.

It’s not the stewardess fault that Eva didn’t ban the guy after he defecated on the seat. I’m sure there are some US and California anti discrimination laws that are being kept in mind by the airline for not initially banning the guy.

If this goes to court, I would bet money the fat man will claim discrimination.


The irony is that the air filtration was much better on aircraft then, and had to be changed more often than now.


What worries me is that several media have reported this. When a lie is repeated enough times…


Hey! «Ground control» is customer service, baggage, ramp, load and cleaning. It is varied and interesting and requires a lot of training in different areas. Years of training.

On the airplane as said is also dangerous and challenging, not just sitting pretty. That on top of it you have to look like a model is an unfortunate stereotype.


Well, in the US you don’t anymore. Their homeliness is only matched by their shitty attitude. You just need to look pretty in Asia and maybe parts of Europe still. I like Singapore Airlines the best; beautiful, but still nice and not stuck-up at all.


I don’t know their policy but I’m pretty sure it’s nothing more ridiculous than looking presentable and having a friendly attitude. Nothing like you need to walk around the plane like a model. Standard for any service industry job.


Well they are not single airline employees anymore but temps and for hire by the hour. One airline in the morning, another for the next shift. Why would they care on a rotten salary, no benefits and no chance for advancement?


Really? 40-65k is rotten salary? And they do get benefits.

If you work for one of those more regional airlines, yes, you’ll probably get worse wages and part time hours. But it’s not like someone is forcing them to work there.


Getting to travel around the world with your airline booking you free in hotels and giving you vacation days in exotic locales seems like a pretty cool benefit. :man_shrugging:


Most airlines do not hire permanent staff anymore. Cost cutting.