WTAF! Wiping an old perverts butt!?


Those benefits have been cut back a lot since 911.


Someone offered a solution:


The bulk of the staff are full time for major airlines. It’s not for everyone, but there’s no such thing as a free lunch. There are plenty of people that would love this job, it’s pretty high paying for a service industry job. And travel is a plus most people making around 40-60k do not enjoy much of.


what if he asked her to jack him off ? would she oblige to that too? the flight attendants are supposed to have some authority and it should be pretty serious if you don’t follow what they say. not sure why they let this disgusting piece of shit have his way, its ridiculous imo.


I believe airlines follow the rules of the land the airline is based. I’m not sure what authority Taiwanese laws give flight attendants. In the US. You’d be breaking some serious laws and cuffed on the plane if not immediately once the plane lands by martials.


I’m trying to imagine what goes through the mind of someone who makes a serious request of a flight attendant to wipe his ass. And also to take a dump with the door wide open on the plane so everyone can smell it, hear it, and see your dick and balls flopped out in the open. You have to have zero shame and maybe even have a touch of sociopathy.


Err… that’s a different situation. The fat man threatened to defecate on the airplane floor. What would you do in that situation?

Deal with the smell for the rest of the flight? What about the cleanup? Plus you will have to endure customer complaints for the rest of the flight and probably after. I can’t imagine Eva air taking the flight attendant’s side over customers who pay a lot of money, who would likely demand refunds. And would her job have been at risk then?

It’s really a no-win situation for her. Eva is at fault for this flight. The guy should have been banned the first time he defecated on a flight.


True, I agree with you but at the same time you’d have to hold me at gun point to get me to do this so I get why someone might not sympathize too much with the girl. But it is indeed a bad situation for her, I don’t think logical negotiations are on the table to resolve for someone whos shitting out in the open asking for someone to wipe for them.


Warn him he’ll be arrested by authorities on the ground for disorderly conduct if he does that. Then restrain him to a chair if he tries. Same thing you do to a drunk, disruptive passenger or a crazy passenger trying to open the emergency exit mid-flight. Screw this mollycoddling.


I think 500,000 NTD would be my asking price.


I’ve got it! Mel Gibson as the guy (he’ll have to gain some weight), and…do you think we should whitewash / blackwash the stewardess part, so we don’t have to use an unknown Asian actress? Or would the story be less believable if Shuri from Black Panther does the ass-wiping?


Hell, why not De Niro? It would be a great challenge at this stage of his career. And I’d like to hear him say “Deeper! DEEPER!”


Let him, then it’s all on him.


You’re being way too generous to a multibillion dollar company with your price.


Make sure he understands that he’ll be leaving the plane in handcuffs, surely?

It’s a pity he wasn’t flying to LA, as opposed to the other way around. I suspect American police would have been a lot less forgiving of this sort of thing than their Taipei counterparts.


he was threatening to shit on the floor after he already shat in the bowl or what? my point is this. you can’t have customers causing this type of trouble on an airplane. its the staffs job to keep them in order. if they can’t keep some perverted fat man in check to the point that they give in to his demands which were so ridiculous they actually wiped his ass while he shat with the door open then they are not doing a sufficient job.


So, do you mean that they deserved it?


They certainly didn’t have sufficient training in how to say no. I can’t help imagining what would have happened on a BA or KLM flight. The guy probably would have had the shit kicked out of him (by the female FAs) while the passengers cheered them on.


I’m just wondering where the air marshal was during this whole incident. I bet that guy would have magically recovered his butt-wiping ability if he had a gun pointed at his head.


It’s a lie. But when 90% plus are young female attendants it’s not far off the truth.