Wtb - French roast coffee (non-Star_ucks) whole bean 454g?

Its whole, i only saw med/dark. Smell is good,

I got barista seattle dark blend last week bogo it was really good and beans were proper oily and tasteful

Yes, it can be pre-ground. All you need to do is ask the seller (roaster) to grind it first. Though we like to buy whole beans, we’ve asked the seller/roaster to grind it before as a gift for someone.

Thanks. I actually don’t want it ground, the advertiser just doesn’t disambiguate. But that’s handy, so you have ordered that item I linked, and it has arrived as whole beans, is that correct?

Yup. We’ve been ordering from him on and off for a year now. We’re currently trying his Honduras, though we are fans of his Guji and blends. His Guji (washed or natural) and Medium Roast Blend are really good for pourovers. The El Salvador is really unique. His darker blend is really good for espresso-like brewing methods or French Press.


If you think you can handle it, try the Black Pearl espresso blend from Coffee Leaf in Fengyuan District, Taichung City. I’m pretty sure it’s physically impossible to get a darker roasted coffee without it catching fire. For all I know, it did catch fire.

Khookam is not far from where I live. I’ll have to check it out sometime.

Perhaps I should clarify one point about Coffee Leaf. His coffee is really good. I mean REALLY GOOD! I’ve had some of the best coffee I’ve ever tasted at his shop. It’s just that he’s infamous all over Taiwan among coffee people for that particularly nasty espresso blend.

If anyone does try it, even as a brewed/filter coffee, maybe get him to grind it for you. I’m not sure how you’d get that smell out of your own grinder.

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Well tried the oklao med/dark from rt

First the beans were not very dark but had little splash of oil.

Taste was wood then nut and maybe fig, after taste sour or acidic.

For 150nt a bag its a great deal and not a bad coffee imo . I need darker haha. I got two bag from the bogo and i will mix them with

The barista seattle blend is def my go to for now, i will check others recommended when i have time