WTB Kitchen mandoline

Didn’t even realize what this thing was called until today, but apparently what I’ve been looking for is called a mandoline–for quick slicing work.

For example:

Has anyone seen one of these for sale locally, or should I just Amazon one to Taiwan?

I have one bought I believe at SOGO, Japanese brand. The other one I brought from Europe, a professional De Buyer, PChome has them I see.
But you could buy cheap ones at ‘baking’ stores or general merchandise places that sell kitchen stuff.
Watch your fingers, the De Buyer blades are sharp.

I bought a Kyocera plastic one (ceramic blade) at City Super, but that was in 2009. I have no idea if they’re still available there.

Using it makes me more than a little nervous. The one in your picture above looks more stable and safer. Yes, they’re incredible for quick slicing! Slice slice slice slice slice slice slice oh crap where’d my finger go.

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i got mine in miniso, ~100 nt. not professional, and small, but good enough for me.
all depends how often you will use and for what.

I would recommend getting one with a finger guard or better still a pump action one

I got that after seeing this chap review it on Youtube (ignore the thumbnail, link is directly to the review)

Only paid $5 from China though :smiley: