WTB Plug Adapters for UK/Euro plugs?

So far my search for the said adapters yielded negative results. I’ve searched through RTMART, B&Q in NeiHu as well as othermalls such as JingHwaCheng and FNAC in Asiaworld.

Anyone knows where I can buy those universal plug adapters that accommodates all the plug types specially the UK 3-Prong type or those slim type 2-prong round euro plugs to 2/3 prong flat plugs used here in Taiwan?

Try some DYI/hardware shop or Welcome supermarket. Note though that the 2-pin Euro plugs usually do not work very well with adapters sold here, the connection is too loose (tried 2 or 3 different types and it’s all cheap shit).

Might be easier in Hong Kong, if you’re going that way at all.

Try some of the electric/electronics shops nearby the tax office in Zhonghua Road, Taibei. Do try going down the side streets.

p.s. What does WTB stand for?

Thanks for the suggestions. Oh and WTB means Want To Buy

There’s a good store in Guaghua (computer shopping area) in Taipei for this sort of thing. If you are standing at the southeast corner of Xin Sheng South Road and Ba De Road, enter the stairs to the basement of the first building south of you on Xin Sheng to B1 level, go all the way to the opposite corner of B1 near the rear stairs and right there is an electronicl components components shop with lots of bins of all sorts of tools, chips and sockets and resistors and such. In the back right part they have a whole collection of a couple dozen plug adaptors of various size and shapes, both grounded and ungrounded. There’s a couple of other electronic component shops on the same level if you want to compare. This one shop is one of my favorites though. I’ve bought all kinds of obscure batteries, fans, and other parts to fix stuff that’s broken on my computer or other devices. By the way, some components only have prices on the bins, so you are supposed to take a tray and notepad from near the cash register to keep track of prices for these.