WTF Happened to Rekorderlig at 7-11?

Title says it all. What happened to one of my favorite beverages? Why is it not at every 7-11 anymore? I can’t find it anywhere! This drink was deiclious and had 4.5% alcohol to back it up. WTF happened!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!

Sounds like my old Phillips Tape Recorder from 1974. Yeah I hate it also when beloved stuff suddenly gets pulled. Damn them!

This is even worse than when Lay’s pulled the dill pickle flavored potato chips from the US market in early 2007. Those, however, were brought back sometime in 2011.

It’s still available at some bars, but that drastically increases the price and takes away all the convience. I’ll certainly still drink it, but just not as much as I used to. I’m gonna check out the high end grocery stores in the basements of department stores for this stuff too and see what I can turn up.

Welcome to The Void.
I can’t say I even noticed that cider at seven before.
So I am somewhat biased, but of course, I can relate on one level.
I well recall the great Sam Adams drought of 2012.
To say nothing of the beer bests of quite a few years ago.
Such, such were the daze!

I got here July 1st 2012. Had they already pulled Sam Adams by then? I really missed the holiday 12 pack. That one’s my favorite.

Here it is in all its glory: … 330ml.html