WTH is up with the Xin Bei reservoir?

I just saw it on the news. Epic rates of flow or what?

The water discharged from Shimen reservoir is too turbid to be properly treated, thanks to the last typhoon. They say if the turbidity level can’t be lowered by next week, they’ll have to institute water rationing in Xinbei. Pretty ironic if you ask me. You have a dam at near full capacity, but you can’t use the water. :unamused:

It’s a drought.
Where’s fox?

Wow. That really sucks.

This an ongoing problem, residents of Taoyuan often get affected after typhoons. One of the issues is the there is a lot of sediment building up behind the dams which is interfering with their function and shortening their expected life spans. Every typhoon dumps huge amount of sediment into the reservoirs and it seems that it will be too expensive to dig it out.

I heard that they have to drain the reservoir and dig the sediment out. Often it seems the roads won’t hold the thousands of truck journeys required to take the stuff away. For others they can use dried out river beds as roads. I’m not sure which is which or where.

However, mustn’t something be done as, presumably, in time, the reservoirs will simply fill to the brim - with dirt?

On a side note, CWB website shows Sun Moon Lake as a reservoir! Poor people of Taichung have not only to breathe air shared with of some of the most polluting factories in the world but we also have to drink THAT! :help:

The amount of sediment each typhoon deposits makes it impossible to truck and dig the stuff out for some reservoirs like Shimen. One problem is decreasing water capacity, the other more turbidity, and yet another toxicity of the water from chemicals and algae.

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I assume one method would be to open up a hole in the dams and try and agitate the sediment back into the water and flush it downstream over a period of years.

Anyway… It’s a problem that the interior minister recognizes but not sure if there is any plan to deal with it. It’s been going on a long time.

Interesting article, hh2. No wonder many Xinbei residents think of themselves as second class citizens next to residents of the city. The housing prices on two sides of the river certainty reflect that.