What does Taiwan WTO mean for me, the ordinary foreigner in Taipei.

Will it make things cheaper or more expensive?

What things with the WTO can I get that I couldn’t get before???

For Taiwan, it’s all more symbollic than anything. It theoretically means Taiwan gets a voice in the world economy. But I doubt big, mean brother China is gonna let Taiwan’s voice be heard. The WTO is basically a hub for trade negotiation. It also regulates trade and ensures countries follow certain guidelines, which are created by the member nations. A better world economy means lower prices in Taiwan, but I wouldn’t expect anything impressive anytime soon. Especially with things in the state they are.

Well one thing that you’ll be able to get is a decent-sized motorcycle though you still might have to wait a couple of years yet.

yeah i can see it now - all the tuff young taiwan dudes upgrading their 125 cc scooters for some of the latest 1200 cc action from honda or suzuki - it is going to be CARNAGE on the roads

The funny thing is on Taiwan streets the bigger bikes won’t be able to go as fast as the scooters. From 0 to 60kph, a 50cc 2-stroke scooter is just about as fast or faster than the bigger 4-stroke bikes, which really only come into their own at faster speeds since they’re so much heavier. Not that that matters, of course. I think I’d get a 400-600cc bike myself, provided I first robbed a bank to get enough $$$.

I can’t wait to ride my Harley through the blinding rain on trips down south. Can you imagine trying to park the damn things in the hopscotch boxes they paint at the sides of roads and alleys? Ha! We’d have our a*ses sticking out like Hollywood hookers on a Friday night!
I would be interested in a Yamaha 250 Majesty, though. I saw a guy on one the other day, and he pulled away from me like I was standing still. It comes with ABS, too. Bri is going to knock me now for publicly endorsing what he calls “the ugliest scooter in the world.” Go ahead, take your best shot.