WTS 15" MSI Raider Gaming Laptop

WTS [Upgraded] 2017 MSI Raider GE63VR 7RE

(EDIT: :white_check_mark: comes with charger)


9k NTD - pickup @ XinZhuang (MRT or Starbucks).

(2017 price == 40k, purchased directly from MSI @ GuangHua - I am the original owner)


  • NVIDIA GTX 1080
  • Core i7
  • 16GB ram (upgraded from 8)
  • 118 GB SSD + 889 GB HDD
  • RGB keyboard with heavy load fan toggle
  • Amazing sound quality - one of their flagship feats, better than even modern rigs.

Used to be top of-the-line; now is a “good - but not great” gaming rig. Plays Witcher 3 with moderately high settings np, as a baseline. If a gamedev, works great with Unity/Unreal.


  • Damaged corner hinge - MSI decided to make these with plastic, sadly.
    • The gorilla tape covers the entire base for safety, but you could probably get MSI to replace the hinge for a few thousand if it’s embarrassing.
  • Battery = Almost new! Changed this only ~1mo ago directly from MSI.
  • Screen = Great condition.
  • Everything else = Good+ condition.


Edit: Picture is only orange-ish due to “night light mode”



Just a bump - this is still for sale. Makes a great tiny gaming desktop!

Price lowered to 9k ntd - that’s $300 usd for a portable tiny desktop (or laptop w/brand new battery from MSI, if not embarrassed by gorilla tape) that can play Witcher 3 on max gfx :slight_smile:

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