WTS Gaming PC: RTX 2060 SUPER [...]

WTS High-End Gaming Desktop PC:

Price: 25k NTD (hard price, since GPU alone is worth 16k)

Condition: Used, but original owner: Exterior case is worn, but interior is great - runs witcher at max gfx QHD like butter. Selling because I upgraded.


  • Gigabyte RTX 2060 SUPER GPU
  • i7-8700K CPU with giant aftermarket heatsink.
  • 32GB G.Skill DDR4-2132 RAM (16x2 dual channel)
  • 1TB Samsung M.2 SSD 970 EVO Plus 1TB (3rd-gen)
    • Windows 10 fresh installer ready to go on boot! Win11 ready.
  • 4TB Toshiba 7200RPM HDD for storage
  • Asus ROG STRIX Z370-H Gaming Motherboard
  • CMStorm ATX Tower (1 front USB3 + audio in/out jacks; other front USB ports broken but many on back)
  • 750W EVGA Supernova PSU; fully modular
  • At least 2 aftermarket chassis fans; quiet :wink:



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is the GPU Rev2.0 or …?

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Yep, rev2

GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 2060 Windforce OC 6G Graphics Card, 2X Windforce Fans, 6GB 192-bit GDDR6, Gv-N2060WF2OC-6GD REV2.0 Video Card

Thanks for confirming rev2.

Reviews indicate many using this GPU have issues with noise and/or high temperatures. Can you report how hot/cool and noisy/quiet your system when under load?

Star Citizen at max gfx (at surprisingly decent QHD fps) didn’t cause any blue screens, but I didn’t directly monitor the temps. I never got any warning or shutdown because of it, though, and I play beefy games.

As for noise, I haven’t noticed anything other than normal fan noises. Whenever I open my case, I’ll regularly air dust all the fans.

Ah, I see you’re a man of culture as well.


Some FAQ answered:

  • Windows key is not included, but the Win10 installer is for when you boot up.
  • Fans are not silent, but “relatively quiet”.

Oops I posted the wrong video card link/specs - the actual one in the PC is better :wink:

Gigabyte RTX 2060 SUPER rev1 GV-N206SGAMING OC-8GC

This also means that I mistakenly said my card was rev2: It’s rev1 (which seems to be better than rev2, from an above comment).

(I originally got a regular RTX 2060, then 2 days later SUPER came out. Naturally, I returned it and got the beefier version ;D)


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