Wu Bai & China Blue concert

Anyone else going to this thing tonight? If so, up for splitting a cab from Taipei Main Station?

EDIT: Guess not. kthxbyebbq

Saw them in concert a while ago. Though I like some of their music, the concert was lousy. Felt like watching a TV screen at a KTV.

They put on quite a show tonight actually. Had a big revolving circular stage in the middle of the place and everyone 'cept the drummer was working the setup for all it was worth, the sound setup was pretty good, and all round it was well worth it.

Yeah that show was great. Started a little slow and got better as the band picked up steam. I had mixed feelings about the stuff with the DJ and it took me a while to get used to seeing Wu Bai with the the hands-free mic—it was a bit off-putting at first (visions of Garth Brooks, Britney and other purveyors of vacuous/insipid shite) I guess I’m a traditionalist and see cables and mic stands as intrinsic to rock and roll, but that bit with the airplane was brilliant. I kept thinking that Jean LeLoup would have enjoyed it. The venue was sweet, too. Out the door, and drinking a cold beer from 7-11 after the last encore in two minutes

I didn’t see any other foreigners at the show, buts that’s par for the course. Get with it people. Go see this band.

I was a bit worried when I realized those were turntables, but I actually think the DJ worked in well for the time he was on. Couldn’t see him as a permanent addition, but it was handled a lot better than other bands have done. The mic thing didn’t really concern me; I figured it was a necessary thing considering the stage setup, which I think was wonderful - there wasn’t a single spot in the whole place where the view would have sucked. I was way up at the back of the western stand, and even there it was an excellent view.

Did you manage to read what was on the side of the plane? I couldn’t get a clear look myself. I quite enjoyed the big inflatable shark dropping out from the top, too. Nice touch.

Spotted a total of 4 other foreigners there, plus me and my mate, so there were at least 6 of us. Two of them even got on the big screen.

You wouldn’t know who that second guest was would you? I didn’t catch her name, and she didn’t look familiar…

Im keen to check out some concerts in taiwan, but can’t find any online information - performing schedules etc. Is there an online ticket sales website?

If you can read Chinese, there’s this and this

cheers! I can understand the meaning but not 100%. Is there nothing in english?



s7.invisionfree.com/WuBai_and_Ch … /index.php?

And don’t forget this BALLS TO THE WALL, Wu Bai fan website in English, run by some chick in California…

photos, lyrics in English, and chat room. Die hard fans, enter at your will…

site name is: “Wu Bai - Relentless Balls-to-the-Wall Rock 'n Roll”

Welcome to the Fortune Cookie 500 Club - an American fan site dedicated to the
king of Taiwanese rock, Wu Bai, and his phenomenal band

I love Wu Bai up until 2003, the rest is pretty ass.

“Relentless” rock’n’roll? :loco:

Two words:
The Ramones

One Word:

Four Words:
The New York Dolls

An anagram:

Wu Bai’s no slouch, but “relentless???”

I guess that chick would shit her pants if someone threw on some Beijing punk!