Wugu-Yangmei overpass - three people minimum per car

Does that makes sense? Why does a car have to have at least 4 people sitting inside? I don’t get it :eh:

Reporters give new overpass test-drive days before opening

sorry - 3 people per car

Its simply a carpool lane. They have them in a lot of other countries and it is a good idea. You can still use the overpass, you just have to stay out of that lane, unless you are carpooling.

The idea is that the free flow of this lane will attract people to the idea of using it and thus carpooling, which in turn takes cars off the road.

Good work Taiwan.

I’m curious where this Wugu-Yangmei Overpass goes to and from.

carpooling in Taiwan? :roflmao: but thanks for the explanation.

With over 90 % sole occupancy , that road will be empty .
Let’s open this thread again in 12 months to update the revised conditions…

It’s one lane, folks, not the whole highway. Let’s give this experiment a chance.

I like you. You laugh at your own joke.

Throw a suit and tie on a couple of those roadside manikins and prop them in your car and you’re good to go :thumbsup: 3 big noses on their way to work

You will need to heat them up to 37deg C (infrared sensors).

You will need to heat them up to 37deg C (infrared sensors).[/quote]

They have those on Japan. So whats you taste Maid? schoolgirl? Anthropomorphic?

I live in Yangmei, and as anyone living in Taoyuan county can readily attest, we regularly experience the worst freeway traffic on the entire island.

FINALLY!!! :discodance: :discodance: :discodance: :discodance:

If carpooling was the focus to reduce cars, then why build another highway in the first place? Failure of vision there.

The news are going bananas on this one, shouting gloom and doom -some bad fengshui thing. And talking about wind, they do this “reenactment” with a 7-11 plastic bag to show teh impact of “wind that is 3 times stronger than in other highways”.

Aver Maria, Ave… sigh

'Cause there is no vision. “Carpooling” is the new buzzword someone in charge picked up somewhere in a recent trip and thought “I’m gonna get me one of THOSE!”.

Some extra info for those not having the full insight:

Everyone can take the overpass which consists of 2 x 3 lanes each direction.
There is a “HOV” line for taxis , buses and other vehicles carrying more or equal to 3 pax ( meaningless as the highway is rather empty, on top - busses on a left lane , passing on the right is odd.

Yes, it can be very windy up there. Coming back yesterday night from the airport , I could not drive single handed. For sure they should close it when typhoons are nearby.

The best thing is that it creates very noticeable smoother traffic towards Taipei in the morning as towards Linkou in the evening.

Oh, if you drive all the way to Taipei - exit Huanhe Road, only ETC is accepted. No toll booths.

Understatement of the week… :slight_smile:

Imagine what would happen if a typhoon swept through while an earthquake occurred, set off by Chinese missiles impacting near the airport. Anyone driving on that elevated death trap would regret the improved traffic flow then!

Yah, the carpool lane TOTALLY has changed things in places like, Los Angeles (lol)

Another well intentioned, useless idea. Oh well.

Well it will certainly solve traffic problems in some areas but contribute to increased congestion in other areas, while creating more pollution. It’s a 20th century solution in the 21st century. It really makes NO sense to talk about carpooling on a new three lane highway that was built to handle more cars.