Wuhan lab leak theory

That shows all the naysayers doubting the quality of Chinese research!


Serious questions have to be asked and new policies enacted to stop this happening again…The Chinese intransigence is a huge gaping hole in achieving this.

GoF is just too dangerous when it comes to these kinds of viruses.

I don’t think it should be banned completely (for instance cancer cells or some kind of cellular models ) ,just for human pathogenic organisms or highly transmissible human pathogenic organisms.

Many more weird things could be possible in the next couple of decades. For instance you could infect somebody with an agent that literally changes their emotions or thinking ability or behaviour .

Mostly it’s going to be a force for good with awesome gain of function and loss of function or corrective gene therapies coming through.

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It seems to me that if we’re going to do this sort of thing (and I don’t see how the genie can be put back in the bottle) then the only safe place to do it is on an island in the middle of the Pacific, with another island as a quarantine facility.

Or perhaps on the moon.


Unless one pops out for a snack in the local market.


What a surprise…. Not (apologies to Borat and Wayne’s World).

Makes you wonder if there’s nothing to hide, then what are they so scared of? :thinking:


We’re never going to find out for sure. The CCP have played a blinder. Obfuscating at every step of the way. Manipulating the ineffectual morons at the WHO. Playing the racism card…

They no doubt don’t care, but everybody hates them now


I imagine it’s a mixed emotion kind of situation…part sadistic pleasure, part mild loss of face.

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Im going to wait until 90% of world governments launch a class action at the ICC.

then I’m going to open a big bag of popcorn, and put on my “i told you so!” hat.

Of course, it might be a long wait.


At this point, the conspiracy theory should be that it didn’t come from the lab.


Funnily enough there is such a theory, viz., it was the pharma companies (mostly American) leveraging their existing patents to first create a virus and then sell the cure.

That’s a bit too wack even for my tastes, but there is some compelling evidence for it.

Fauci supporters define gain of function a bit differently to me.


It’s obvious that it leaked from a lab. And they very likely it was experimented on to be transmissable to humans.

So, is this gonna lead to countries and companies to stop pandering to a regime? Is it bollocks … if a literal genocide isn’t going to stop the like of LeBron James and John XiNa sucking up to China, then I doubt proof of them leaking the virus will either.

Plus, America is lumbered with Biden. He won’t even react to Russian hackers holding his country to ransom.

I hope though that in decades to come, the likes of LeBron and Cena are looked at the way Nazi collaborators are now.


Well, there are always going to be brainless sycophantic assholes.

Don’t agree with your Biden comments. I think most of these Russian hacks are actually Chinese.

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Some will be. But Colonial Pipeline was Russian–DarkSide I think.

Always skeptical with this theory. Especially when Richard Dearlove the (former) Mi5 agent involved in the russiagate farce and Iraq fake dossier farce has been pushing this for over a year.

That is a weak position they’re taking up. Gain of function is making it transmissible, not making it more transmissible? Nobody is going to buy that definition of gain.

This, for me, is the problem when people aren’t straight-up from the start. If they’d just been honest in the first place and admitted that they fund loads of labs, but they’re not in control of everything that goes on in those labs, there wouldn’t have been much of an issue.

As with the WHO it’s incompetence rather than anything sinister IMO, but then I am a generous soul. I never had Fauci down as the calm genius he was portrayed as. His comparison was Trump, so obviously he was going to look impressive.


:grinning: The conundrum is obvious, they were told to stop doing research on gain of function therefore if they were funding research in WuHan it can’t be gain of function because they were told to stop doing that. Hence the word games which they will claim are not really word games but important distinctions because to be otherwise would mean they were doing something wrong, which of course they can’t be doing anything wrong. Plus they are the experts on all this so if you disagree you are conspiracy theorist who doesn’t trust the science.


The NIH ended its own ban in gain of function research in 2017, which further complicates matters. Does that mean the US government banned it in 2014 and then revoked the ban in 2017? Or is the NIH separate to the government?

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the potential to create, transfer, or use an enhanced potential pandemic pathogen.

That’s them’s own definition of gain of function. I think the NIH is in a spot of bother.