Wuhan lab leak theory

I did read the memorandum from 2014 and there is some caveat in there which allows them to carry on if it is deemed to be in the interests of national security, so I suspect it never stopped. Rand Paul did an interview recently which suggests as much.

Of course the MSM has leapt to Dr Fauci’s defense and attacked Rand Paul and those who feed off the MSM have a pavlovian response and are deriding Rand Paul, as usual, but seems to be over the target to me.

I don’t get Fauci’s need to defend the NIH funding the Wuhan lab. I would just say ‘Yes, we fund lots of labs and aren’t in control of everything that goes on there.’ That would cause a bit of a shitstorm, but wouldn’t be terminal. Instead he’s arguing either that no gain of function was taking place (which he did last year), or trying to redefine gain of function. It’s very odd. I can only assume it’s because he attacked the lab leak theory so much last year.

I don’t think he’s very bright.


I think he knows the Biden administration and by extension the MSM has his back.

The State Department under Trump was looking into the lab leak theory which Biden shut down in March, when that story was breaking Biden released a statement that said he was directing intelligence agencies to redouble efforts to discover the origin, which is the story the MSM went with ignoring the bit where he shuts down the State Dept investigation. see here

As well as the Democrats voting against a bill that would make what is known about the origins public. see here

Yeah, I don’t get it either. It seems to be an odd stance to take. I doubt he personally reads, or can be expected to read, every grant application funded by the NIH either, so I would have expected him to claim that one just slipped through the cracks.

It was only 600k US. It would have been easy to claim he didn’t know about it in NIAID’s budget.

I think the change in the NIS policy about gain of function in 2017 is key. However, let’s not lose sight of the real criminal in this disaster. The CCP must not be let off the hook because of incompetent western organisations.

He didn’t inhale

You seem to know a lot. The all-seeing Trump admin had it all, such a pity not even 40% can vote for that POS.

I can read, it’s in the CNN article, not exactly known for their love of Trump and lays out what happened, I even gave you a link.

Who is claiming Trump admin was all knowing? Not me for sure. Talking nonsense again.

The point here is Washington DC likes to cover up scandal’s, it looks to be that is what Biden admin would like despite publicly stating he wants them to double their efforts to find the cause, because it looks like he only did that to cover for a story about him ending a State dept. investigation.

Personally I think we are all owed transparency. Don’t you?

Great write up ^

Also this from yesterday:

The virus in China will probably worsen with more lockdowns in coming months, putting the squeeze again on supply chains to force countries to “back off” - businesses should keep an eye on critical global supply chain cities like Wuhan having any new outbreaks.

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Speak of the devil:

“reminiscent of the first days of the coronavirus in China some 19 months ago, flights and trains in and out of Wuhan have been halted amid a rise in COVID-19 cases”

If the “purposeful leak theory” is true, then China might be using the virus to hold itself (and the world) hostage, in order to retaliate against Virus Origin Investigations and the still ongoing Trade War, and a long list of other issues.

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“similar to the 2002 severe acute respiratory syndrome outbreak, which also originated from a Chinese lab leak”
mmm, I can’t find anything to back that up.

(I think Covid came from the Wuhan lab, but I also believe not stating something as fact if it’s not shown to be.)

I can’t either, but its a fun theory.

Seriously, the Wuhan lab was expanded AFTER the SARS epidemic. for the express purpose of, among other things, conducting coronavirus surveillance and research to see how it may be controlled. Not for weaponising it or for letting a virulent modified coronavirus escape.

but i don’t think it was the source of SARS or MERS, both of which have some pretty closely related congeners out there in the wild and a reasonably well demonstrated chain of zoonotic infection. Unlike the new Wuhan virus.


SARS escaped from a biolab in Beijing more than once, but it was in the years after the initial outbreak in Guangdong. The article is misleading.

If they want, they can highlight that the origin for SARS is not 100% known and only assumed its zoonotic. A government website which highlighted this concern in 2013 - titled “Ten years later we still don’t know how SARS originated” - has recently been taken off the internet (this might fuel theories that even the initial SARS was a PLA creation)

Here’s 4 lab accidents relating to SARS-1 after initial outbreak from Wiki:

Laboratory accidentsEdit

After containment, there were four laboratory accidents that resulted in infections.

  • One doctoral student at Singapore General Hospital in Singapore in August 2003[72]
  • A 44-year-old senior scientist at the National Defense University in Taipei in December 2003. He was confirmed to have the SARS virus after working on a SARS study in Taiwan’s only BSL-4 lab. The Taiwan CDC later stated the infection occurred due to laboratory misconduct.[73][74]
  • Two researchers at the Chinese Institute of Virology in Beijing, China around April 2004, who spread it to around six other people. The two researchers contracted it 2 weeks apart.[75]

True. I remember a couple of those leaks.

Yes, we’re still not 100% clear on how SARS started in the first outbreak, but there is a reasonable chance that it was zoonotic. Just like HIV. And Hendra in Australia/ Solomon Islands. And BSE in England. Etc.

Apparently the US has acquired (probably hacked) “reams of genetic data” from the Wuhan Lab which China took offline in the middle of the night in September 2019, and China has to this day refused to cooperate or hand over any information that might help the covid origin investigation.

The world needs to know the origins of the Virus and if China leaked it on purpose to win the trade war.

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Time to see how Cowardly Joe responds.

I don’t expect much. There’s a reason hacking attacks to the US have increased tenfold since he took office and it’s because China, Russia and North Korea know he is spineless.

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Thanks, I was thinking that I had read about a lab escape in Taiwan previously.

Folks who think lab escapes don’t happen and in the realm of conspiracy theories only are extremely naive and misinformed. Unfortunately that includes a lot of the media who were easily manipulated by some scientists, the WHO and China who had a different agenda !


Hopefully some Taiwan based scientists or expat scientists can help with the interpretation of the Chinese genetic data.


Sorry that I can’t decipher the Chinese data

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