Wuhan lab leak theory

I could do a little but not professional enough.

I could if I can read mandarin. Apparently that’s a stumbling block for the US intelligence community right now. Nobody has dual skills in virology or genomics and Mandarin.

I mean, why would you?

I imagine the PLA has a brigade’s worth

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To find your way to the bat cave?

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I honestly don’t see why that would be an insurmountable challenge, or even a very difficult one, for the U.S. intelligence agencies if they really want to figure it out.

It’s presumably mostly a load of sequence data (not Chinese or even really English - just letters and numbers spat out of sequencing instruments in a totally standard format), plus maybe some research notes in Chinese about the origins of the samples. I would imagine there to be ambiguities due to missing info, shoddy record keeping, lab-specific protocols etc. that aren’t included in the data set, and so on, and of course everything would need piecing together… but it’s still only several years of research output from one (?) lab.

It can’t be that hard for the U.S. government to put together a small team of technical translators, analysts, and bioinformatics/virology/genomics people to go through everything, if they really want to. Of course, if there’s no political will to do that, that’s another issue.

Anyway, I think the article substantially overstates how difficult that is. This can’t be the most difficult intelligence issue the U.S., with all its resources and people, has ever faced.


true enough.

still waiting for my contract offer!

It’s not a big deal. There’s a big pool of Mandarin speaking scientists out there.

that’s something i have been worried abot at our university for some time now. do we officially ban chinese students nans faculty? or just unofficially?

99% of our weekly 1000 hacking attacks come from China. maybe they love us?

I’ve read that they can hack, but they can’t sift out much from it. And there was an article out saying they have enough info to make a file on every American by now. OK, so what…am I gonna get ads for tiger ball soup on my FB feed?

I still think China’s last straw was when US Treasury labeled China a Currency Manipulator on August 5th, 2019 after multiple back-to-back tariff escalations in 2018-2019 and reports of very heavy losses in China later that year (which means China was feeling serious pressure even before that time)

China had Motive.

Once the US designated China a currency manipulator, China probably released the virus to tilt the tables back in China’s favor for the trade war (which worked). Essentially when push came to shove, China pressed their emergency trade war button around September (per the report above), and may have timed it for the Military Games.

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China invented a Swiss Biologist and quoted him claiming the US had pressured the World Health Organization into investigating the theory Covid-19 was leaked from a lab in Wuhan.

Totally normal and unsuspicious behavior :rofl:


What self respecting Swiss person would have a name like Wilson Edwards?

There was also a recent fake French journalist doing ‘news’ from Xinjiang on their French language service Busted!


Chinese official media actually published a harsh criticism of the “fake Swiss biologist” piece, not because it was fake, but it was criticized for how it’s poorly thought out and executed. They called it Subpar patriotism (低級紅).


Laowhy with his take on “Wilson Edwards”-gate:


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Youse should all take an hour out of your busy days and read this great expose on our mate Tedros…

Originally from The Sunday Times (not Guardian) but i found it reprinted in that Murdoch rag, The Australian. let me know if the link is broken; it’s got all this modern fangled cookie magic hiding under the URL


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i can’t access, tried a facebook signup and still couldn’t access, tried googling the title and using a different publication but still can’t access, tried incognito for the times and the australian but still couldn’t access

can’t access that but found this on Sunday times excerpt:


China has been staging a ten-year takeover of the World Health Organisation that led to the body missing a chance to halt Covid-19, it was claimed.

Beijing secured WHO votes to install its candidates as director-general, a Sunday Times investigation alleged. It reported that WHO leaders had prioritised China’s economic interests over halting the spread of Covid-19.

China is also accused of appointing preferred experts for the WHO’s inquiry into the origins of Covid-19 and negotiating a deal to dilute the mandate. The paper said Beijing had begun its plot after being berated by the health agency for its response to Sars in 2003.

Professor Richard Ebright, of Rutgers University’s Waksman Institute of Microbiology in New Jersey, said that China’s influence had played “a decisive role” in the WHO’s failure to act decisively at the start of the pandemic.

He said: “Not only did it have a role; it has had a decisive role. There was no justification for the stance the WHO took in [early] 2020. The WHO promoted the position that was sought by the Chinese government … the WHO actively obstructed efforts by other nations to implement border controls that could have contained the spread.”

The WHO said the article contained “falsehoods” and added that Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesu, the directorgeneral, treated China without favour.

Sorry. I should have grabbed a text dump earlier. they probably changed that once they saw how many hits it was getting… typical Murdoch paper.

Basically, China has stacked the WHO ever since they got severely embarrassed after SARS cover-up, buying nations to support their candidates (blatantly!), who were Ms Chan for the first ten years of that, a Hong Kong sycophant, and now Tedros as quid pro quo for having supported him to become Ethiopian Minister of Health, and then Foreign minister.

then, everything has been run to China’s agenda. terms of reference of the ‘investigation’ included, and they made sure that there were NO lab experts on that team, only animal transmission people. and then vetted every word of the WHO statement.

deliberately denied that there was human-human transmission, even when their own hospitals were overflowing. prevented WHO from declaring a travel emergency, and made damn sure that many infected people traveled out from Wuhan internationally. etc. etc.

WHO needs to be rid of China and Chinese influence. Sack Tedros, and hold him accountable for 4 million plus deaths.