Wumao Hall of Fame

This thread is for the biggest wumao CCP shills. I nominate this guy.


Lebron is a first ballot HOFer here.



I nominate the whole of r/sino

A very toxic pro-China, anti-mixed couple, anti-foreigner, anti-Taiwan sub-reddit.


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Here’s the guy, go downvote him on CCTV.

While the sceptered isle is no America, I’m both reminded of Lord Haw-Haw and sustained by his last chapter (begins by his being shot in the ass by a German Jew fighting for Britain, using a Walther pistol).

This subreddit should be banned like that Donald Trump subreddit.


Totally agree.

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[quote=“Andrew0409, post:1, topic:194400, full:true”]

China will…be the first nation to reach that status whose rise isn’t built on colonialism, slavery & genocide, but rather on hard work, good economics & effective governance[/quote]

Colonialsim: check the history of the land they are recognized to.own currently. These years check India, Oceanic spread and Africa as obvious points.

Slavery: see the entire country. Especially non beijing races. Also see South America and africa. See labor piols and imports.

Genocide: Tibet is already forgotten? Lots or.partial examples to boot, but seriously forgot UN allowed genocide in Tibet???

Some people are so out there.gotta assume.they are made.up. That.dude is probably sitting back in UK eating shit, watching TV, complaining about brexit and not even aware this whole conversati on is giing on.

Have no real urging to visit China again. Visited a few times Guangzhou but never felt comfortable in that regime.

I’ve only been to Shanghai (I’ve been to Hong Kong and Macau too, but I don’t count them). It was okay, but I have no real desire to visit Beijing or any other part of China again. Biggest drawback was the rudeness. Everyone is out for themselves, and that goes from the trivial like casual line-cutting, to the awful like not helping someone who has been in a serious accident. Sick country.


I felt the awful coldness coming off the people in Shanghai, very full of themselves and proud. They feel they aren’t Chinese, but Shanghaiese. I wasn’t impressed with Hong Kong either for similar reasons. I haven’t gone anywhere else in China to compare though

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Ronnie Tong

Ronny was a democrat but now in hk politics branded a traitor by pandems. Guess he decided to switch sides for his personal vested interests.

Bloomberg in the last few months had been really bad.


China is immoral internally, but amoral externally. Repression of the Uighurs and Tibetans, the crackdown in Hong Kong, potential aggression against Taiwan — these are baked into China’s imperial geography of non-Han peoples surrounding China’s ethnic Han core. But beyond China’s real and imagined borders, it seeks harmony rather than conflicts over values. This is not quite as self-serving as it sounds. The Chinese know that their imperial tribute system between the mid-14th and mid-19th centuries in East Asia proved that hegemony can be more stable and less bloody than Europe’s balance of power system.

This tribute system “contained credible commitments by China not to exploit secondary states that accepted its authority,” explains University of Southern California political scientist David C. Kang. China was the top dog, but secondary states enjoyed “substantial latitude” in their affairs.

The Chinese people are quite comfortable with their imperial history and traditions, unlike people in the West who today both deny and apologize for them. China is all about status. Respect China, and much can be accomplished in terms of international cooperation.

As Americans gear up for a so-called Cold War with China, it is important not to exaggerate Beijing’s intentions. China is ruthless, but it does not seek conquest in the traditional sense, beyond its own territories and adjacent seas. It will seek to dominate and influence foreign economies, but not foreign societies and the way that they govern themselves. China is not a revolutionary power despite its communist moniker.

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