Wurih Beer Culture

I was surprised to discover the existence of Wurih Beer Culture.

“As the Director-General of the High Speed Rail Culture & Tourism Development Association, I take pride in my duty to the residents of Wurih Township. Being Wurih-born, I’ve gotten to experience the beauty of this area myself, and grow ever-excited about its future prospects. After hosting two consecutive Wurih Beer Culture & Tourism Festivals, I believed that forming a Wurih Brewery Tourism Street would be just as successful as the celebrations.”
culture link, Taichung, Articles, click on the article “Making Something out of Nothing: The Story of Wurih Brewery Tourism Street” (the site blocks deep linking)

How much Wurih beer does it take before Wurih becomes beautiful?

A Wuri-ite will tell you 7 pints… but that’s debatable…the problem isn’t finding enough to drink, but not getting run over while trying to find transportation out of the place…