WWII diplomat proposed Britain, Germany split world

Another shameful chapter of British history. Even after the war started, officials in the Foreign Office were willing to give Europe to the Nazis all for the sake of Empire.

You left a key word out of that heading, amateur - whatever the hell an amateur diplomat is - but I’m sure that was just because it wouldn’t fit on one line and not because it lent more bang to your whimpering buck to drop it.


A private operator and a loose cannon, not a voice of the government.

Off topic - reminds me of Kazuo Ishiguro’s Remains of the Day.

There were quite a bit of Nazi sympathisers in the US and Britain, some government officials, some nobility (perhaps even royalty)… fascism was seen as the solution of the day. and?

This is hardly news. It’s well known that Hitler never wanted to fight Britain. He conceived of a world divided with the U.S. ruling the Americas, Japan ruling the Orient, Germany ruling continental Europe, Britain keeping her Empire, and Italy…well, taking whatever the Italians could get (we all know how miserable their performance was in the Big One).

It’s funny how that all these years later, the cookie has sort of crumbled that way anyway.

Bloody great idea if you ask me. The sausage-eaters get the eyeties, the gyppoes, the dagoes and the onion johnnies and we get all the rest. He should have got a damn medal.

Yep, another of those Tory appeasers- thank God the Labour Party, over the opposition of the Conservatives, insisted that Chamberlain be replaced with Churchill and not Halifax.

[quote]Lonsdale-Bryans had the ear of several members of British Parliament, including Lord Halifax, but the level of support of said MPs is unknown. A handwritten note by the MI5 stated:

"He went to Italy with the knowledge of the Foreign Office in order to develop his contacts. He greatly exceeded his instructions."

MI5 decided against arresting him, due to the possible support he was receiving from members of Parliament (potentially including Neville Chamberlain), and the embarrassment this would have caused.[5] When Winston Churchill succeeded Chamberlain as Prime Minister, he had Lord Halifax replaced and Lonsdale-Bryans’s political influence disappeared, along with the potential threat to British opposition to fascism.[/quote]


Edited- Earlier post said Hamilton, not Halifax- all those damn Eastern cities sound the same to me.

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