Www.editfast.com - yea or nay?

Has anyone gotten any work via www.EditFast.com ?

I’m wondering how viable this is and if they can pay me, even though I live all the way out here (in Taipei :slight_smile:)

Dunno if they would pay (but I don’t see why they would be any less likely than any other random Internet-based business, they could use PayPal or similar I guess). But for Taiwanese clients, I wonder why anyone would use a service like this over a good in-country editor who speaks Chinese. I know that for most of my editing clients, no matter how good their written English, there is almost always something that requires clarification in Chinese (i.e., the English just didn’t make ANY sense at all) or, in other cases, the English is just so poor that if you don’t speak Chinese to begin with, you can’t figure out what they’re trying to say. (Plus, of course, with an in-country editor you can pay in NT dollars…!)

By the way, I found to my chagrin that PayPal will not transfer money from your account to a bank in Taiwan. I had to do it through a US bank using my grandfather’s account.
The PayPal site has the list of countries that money can be transfered to; Taiwan is not one of them.

This will change on February 13. See here for more info: forumosa.com/3/viewtopic.php?p=136414#136414

Judging from this guy’s autoresponder and a detailed perusal of his Web pages, this is one guy sitting in Japan thinking to make an extra buck. I seriously doubt he has 4,000 editors on the string as advertised – his own “forums” (to which he automatically subscribes those who sign up as editors, it appears, and on which your full name is displayed – tsk tsk privacy issues galore!) list only 1,500 or so (I forget the actual number) and we all know that forums tend to have repeat customers under different names…

Nothing wrong with making a buck if you want to kick 13% to some guy in Japan who set up the Web site. If you get your price, money is money, after all. Nice work if you can get it, though. Wonder what happens when there is a dispute – etc. etc. That’s when the agency has to ante up and defend the freelancers.

Their list has been updated and Taiwan is on it: paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cm … es-outside

jlick, thank you for your information. But it isn’t Feb 13 yet, can we withdraw from our Paypal accounts now?

Thank you for the headsup. I’ll try to be more discriminating in the future :bulb:

OK, now I am confused again.

What’s the big deal about having Taiwan on the list if we still have to use a US bank account to withdraw money anyway?!?

Also, what about making payments from Taiwan? click here It doesn’t look like I can have my money in my Taiwan USD bank account and have PayPal draw from it :frowning:

Can anyone suggest other ways I can make online payments from Taiwan?