X-Men: Dark Phoenix


This is the next comic book movie after Avengers: Endgame. It comes out in Taiwan on June 6. Who’s excited about this movie? Who could care less?

I’m pretty sure I’m going to miss it in the theater. They played the trailer before Avengers: Endgame, and I could not have been less excited about what I saw.


Ding ding.

Days of Future Past was good-ish, but Apocalypse blew, and the production behind this latest one is very troubled by reports; lots of unhappy test screenings, extensive reshoots (including the ending), on-set and off-set drama, etc. That never bodes well for a movie.


Not trying to derail, but that was by far the best X-Men movie for me and I thought it was great.


It was pretty great. No X-film is better than ‘Logan’ though. That to me was the second best comic book movie after ‘The Dark Knight.’


I don’t have high expectations for it, but I am curious to see what they do with it.


I have pretty low expectations for the X-Men movies, particularly the more recent ones. Logan was dope. Deadpool’s been fun. X-Men though? Feels like a mess. I’ve never liked Sansa Stark as Jean Grey so I don’t know how excited I am about a movie centered around her.

I can’t wait for Kevin Feige to get his hands on the X-Men.

EDIT: All that being said, I’m probably front-and-center on day 1.


That GOT actress as Jean Grey is the real weak point of the movie for me. Nothing she did in Apocalypse was even remotely memorable, and somehow now she’s supposed to carry a whole movie. Simon Kinberg helming his first big budget movie is also not a good sign.


Yeah, I hate to be an RT snob, but I don’t see this film getting rated “fresh.” It’ll probably be a dog like Last Stand or Wolverine Origins.


Most likely. I was kind of looking forward to New Mutants, but that movie seems to be in limbo right now.


New Mutants is coming out in August.


Finally has a Taiwan release date? Good to know.


New Mutants could be interesting but it was also supposed to go through extensive reshoots that haven’t even taken place yet. Disney have said they’re releasing it still so maybe they’ll do it as is.


August isn’t far away. I’m mostly looking forward to it because I loved those comics as a kid.


Hey, you too @TimesThree ? My older brother got me into them when I was a real little kid… great characters… Warlock, Sunspot, Magik, Wolfsbane, and all led by a reformed Magneto… ah, I’m really showing my geek roots now. :flushed: They were great. I think they still hold up. Of course the series went to crap near the end when Rob Liefeld took over and ushered in the 90s with all its excess and faux extreme… ness (what’s the noun form of “extreme”?).

To be honest, I don’t have high hopes for anything based on that old property though. Would love to be wrong though.


Think the word you’re looking for is “extremity,” but I’ve heard that era referred to as “90s extreme” many times. Ah, the pouches, shoulder pads, mullets and gun belts of yesteryear. And feet? What self-respecting comic book character needs proper feet to stand on anyway?

Yeah those are the exact comic books I was talking about. Not that the movie is likely to be awesome whatever they do.

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