Xara X GPLed!

I am going to try this out for sure!



This might be nice, if it actually makes it to the GNU/Linux desktop.

I’m curious how this will affect projects like Inkscape and the long dead Sodipodi (which is still a great program).

The Inkscape “leaders” have been part of the free software community for a long time and the program has continued to grow in huge leaps. They have my support.

What incentives would a coder have in helping Xara Group Limited?

Besides, the source code would be released in stages, not all at once:

“We’re Open Sourcing this code-base in stages. Initially we’re inviting restricted numbers to have access to the code to help us. As the project expands and as we release more code, we’ll expand this process until the whole code base is fully Open Source and fully public.” - source text

That sounds great. I have been looking for a freely available vector graphics program. I was not able to find anthing as good as let’s say Corel Draw. Xara sounds promising, but I have never used it.