Xarefit Gym Xinyi Anhe


Haven’t been inside the Xinyi Anhe branch but the offer is posted outside the door. NT$600 a month.

Not to thrilled with the permissions requested by the app. That alone will probably prevent me from joining if the app is mandatory.


Are you delaying joining a gym ? lol.


I go there and think it’s amazing.


Any updates? Is it still good and do you need to use their invasive app?

I want to join but not if I have to use that app.


What’s your issue with the app? That’s mental. Yes you have to use it.

Gym is OK but too cheap and too busy in evenings. It’s become a bit of a zoo and has a lot of problems that public gyms have. 600 is just too cheap and attracts too many people and bad behavior. Go early or late and it’s still goodK


I usually go to gym before, during, after lunch so maybe still ok.

Can look at the screenshot above to see the permissions it wants but I don’t want to give it. Like precise location, phone, camera, full network access, etc… It’s unusually too much especially for a small local app.


Well that’s their app, you need to use.

Can go here for 1000 a month with no apps or contract https://www.facebook.com/ourgym.tw/


Three times a day? That’s hardcore!


Yea, three times a day, all combined into once.