Xbox 360 4GB with Kinect

Thought it was a good idea to have an Xbox 360 to relax and play some games, however most of the time it was just catching dust and stand around.

Before I must clean more in my house, I put here up for sale. (The Xbox is cleaned complete and fully working)

Comes complete with Xbox 360 4GB, the Kinect camera, controller, HDMI cable, adapter from HDMI to RCA in the Original Box.

2 games are included as seen on the picture, there is a download code included for another game, but not sure whether can use again even I deleted everything.

Complete 3,500 NTD, can meet up


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Hi, just a hint to help you get rid of it. A 4GB Xbox 360 is about 50$ now new. It’s hard to imagine anyone pay 3,500 for all of this for a last gen console.

Imo, the market value for these is sadly 1,500nt.

Yeah, looks like I overestimated it

Missed to change the price, so 1,500 NTD it is

Sold, can be removed