XBOX 360 Kinect

This is looking pretty cool. The new Harmonix dancing app looks great (love those guys). … 0-keynote/

Amazing they can do this with an add-on to a 5-year-old platform. Example of how innovation can happen while at the same time extending platform lifetime (and consequently achieving more scale economies) when you take a closed-garden approach and there is an implicit “cease armaments” agreement among the market players.

i agree that there will be some cool games based on kinect. however, i wouldn’t call kinetich an innovation. ms took a technology (or idea) that already existed and perfected it.

something that went totally under the radar is the “livecam” (or whatever it is called) that allows players to play without a controller. developpers weren’t attracted and there was virutally no game that took advantage of this. i do remember playing raving rabbids with no controller. kinda cool but not precise and a bit lousy to set up.

Yeah, it’s just a more advanced version of Sony’s Eyetoy technology, which has existed since PS2. Conversely, Sony’s new Move controllers are pretty much advanced wiimotes.

Depends on how you define innovation, but I would not dismiss perfecting the details as not being innovation. A formula one car, for example is still a car with four wheels and wings, where winning is sinply about the details but nobody can deny that formula one is more often than not on the bleeding edge of automotive innovation.

A lot of innovation has to happen to get those details perfect.

In the end an idea is worthless unless it ships. And even if it does ship, it’s a science project unless it’s done well enough to gain adoption and advocates. Going from idea to near perfect is a long mountain to climb and just because someone starts at high basecamp by building on the innovation of others does not make them any less a contributor to the sum of innovation behind that whole climb.