XBOX bought in Taiwan - English or Chinese OS?

Was in Costco the other day - XBOX deal seems pretty good … question is does the local region system operate in English or Chinese ? Label said “EN/ZH” but not sure if it’s switchable ?

Anyone else buy a local XBOX ?

you can switch the gui language from chinese to english or other western languages. some multi-language games will load in the language that you select as the dashboard (interface) language.

We bought one the other day. Easy to choose the language settings. However, of course you know that you can only play regional games, none bought overseas (US, UK etc.) will work.

it’s pretty easy to get rid of that “problem” :smiley:

unfortunately the 360 still has that “problem” but not for much longer i hear!

there probably wont be any chip before a year or two… unfortunately many people that believe in anything they read on the web will be victims of scams…

team Xecuter came out with a statement that they (and at least one other group) were in the final stages of chip dev for the 360. these guys are generally pretty reliable and this is currently a hot topic of discussion on xbox-scene is without a doubt THE source on all things xbox related.

they (teamxecuter and others) are chip makers. yes, their products are great, i sold a lot on my site. note that they never hacked the xbox and probably wont hack the xbox 360. they will most certainly use the money they made to “hire” freelance experts and hackers… i dont think they will show up with a chip that can run backup and all regions games and homebrew code anytime soon. im not saying it wont happen, it will eventually. im just saying that it wont as fast as you might think…

please quote or post a link to the exact article that contains the words “final stages”. yes, it does matter a lot when someone says “be patient, something will come soon, in the coming weeks or months” (pretty vague, sure something will always be hacked one day) or “we are finalizing our product” (which would mean they already hacked the 360).

as for teamxecuter being reliable, they annouced the x3ir for the x3cp a couple of months ago and stated that it was ready for launch. it still isnt available and production probably hasnt started. it’s a simple ir receiver to boot the xbox with a remote control. other individuals (not teams, not hackers) already have this very simple device for sale on their site since ages…

breaking the 360 security is the first step but noone has done it. so far we only can (thanks to team gueux):

  • backup a full game
  • run a working backup (original game + dissambling dvd-rom required)

first hack will probably be a hotswap, not a chip…

dude u rock!