Xbox carry bags

Does anyone know where I can purchase a protective bag for my xbox. I often neen to take it to my one one one classes and would prefer a protective bag for it.

amos, I once saw them at Toys’R’Us in Xinzhu, might be worth checking out their store in the Asiaworld Mall on Tun Hua North Rd. … Xpet.

Thanks Xpet, will check it out.

If anyone else has seen these then please let my know. I checked out the toys’r’us but they didn’t have any. Fnac is it? On the B1 floor of the same building? Anyway, they had both gamecube and playstation bags but no xbox ones.

In the new K-Mall (?) next to the Shinkong Mitsukoshi department store across from the Taipei Main Station they have two stores selling Xbox games and accessories. I’m sure I saw a carry bag there. If not try the NOVA computer arcade on the other side of the Shinkong.