Xbox game pass

It’s great value especially you can play Halo Infinite… assuming they put out more content that they won’t up and charge you for (in addition to the xbox game pass fees, and a lot of people are already pissed about Halo Infinite).

But the game files are locked down tighter than Fort Knox… meaning you can’t mod it AT ALL, cheats often don’t work for them, and it’s making me prefer Steam version…

Windows won’t allow you to do anything with the game files no matter what you do, and some games like Outriders just crash randomly whereas on Steam they work fine.

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Are you talking about Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and how if you buy that you can also play games on Windows? Yeah I agree, it can be super buggy. Some games just crash and I give up on them. But, when games work they can be awesome and you can play them both on Xbox and Windows, which is super great value.

There is a trick I have used a couple times that will get you Xbox Ultimate for cheap. You need an account that has not had Ultimate for at least 3-6 months. You can create a new account. Then you add 1 or 2 years of Xbox Gold to that. Xbox Gold is cheaper than Ultimate. You can buy cheap Xbox Gold cards online. But, be careful with region locking. It can be a problem.

Then once you are loaded up on Xbox Gold, Microsoft has a 1USD upgrade to Ultimate. It will upgrade your remaining Xbox Gold to Ultimate for the entire duration. Last time I think it did not work, I had to buy one Xbox Ultimate card.

So I bought 1 year of Xbox Gold, and then 1 month of Xbox Ultimate, which gave me 14 or so months of Xbox Ultimate (they give you one or two extra months when you upgrade).

It is always a mess with figuring out the accounts and websites to buy the cards and what not. It takes me an hour or two or three usually.