Xbox, Gamecube

Well, it looks like the Xbox is starting to be a big flop. Sales of the system are WAY down in US, Europe and Japan (sales were never good in Japan). Anyone notice this beast in Taiwan? I bet no one buys it there. Same with gamecube…probably not too much interest in that system either. Why? Because it’s games aren’t ‘copyable’ yet. It seems like all the popular game systems have to ‘piratable’. The old SuperNintendo was that way…then everyone moved on to Playstation and Sega Saturn (at $30NT/disc who would?). Did anyone buy Nintendo64? Not really…pirating the N64 required expensive hardware. I suspect the PS2 is very popular there now…albiet the system is expensive, but the games are widely pirated and can fit on normal CD-Rs.

good points. I also think that the XBox isn’t so much an improvement over the PS2 to counterbalance the fact that the Sony plays so many more (and better) games. Really, for the XBox to cut it, it’ll have to blow the PS2 away…

The gamecube is pretty popular here judging by the range of titles on display in retail outlets, the demo machines set up for customers and the coverage in the local gaming mags.
It’s No.2, that’s for sure, and not that far behind the playstation2. After the agony i’ve been through as a jap-model owning foreign PS2 customer, i wish i had opted for the gamecube.

Monkey, what games do you own? I mean are they US or UK games? I ask because I have US PS2 games, and bought a PS2 here in Taiwan recently thinking (stupidly) that I could just play them and that would be that. All of a sudden I learn about Sony’s “intentional incompatibility” policies. Anyway to make a long story short, I simply returned the PS2 console, and ordered a new one off the internet from an American supplier. Maybe you could go this route so as to play your games with no hassles…

Well i think sales for the XBOX will go up now since the games have been cracked and a modchip to play them works, so they say, and will be released shortly. Mite get one if and when the chip comes out.