Xbox homebrew (XBMC?) running on the Xbox 360?!

Bad news for M$, good news for those who love Xbox1 homebrew :bravo: … lLFEvr.php

If this is confirmed, XBMC could actually run on the 360 thru the Xbox1 dashboard emulator… I’m still a bit skeptical. Maybe just another dude with some great Photoshop skills :sunglasses:

yeah, people on xbox scene are going crazy about this atm. would be super sweet if true.

it seems to be a hack for the xbox emulator only. on one of the screenshots, there is avalaunch in the background. you can see the ip for avalaunch and the ftp server so it would mean it is 100% working and that the 360 can be networked. hum, i must be dreaming. too good to be true :loco:

damn, this thing is real. homebrew boots from cd with firmware hack :bravo: