XBOX Live in English

I recently got an XBOX 360 and have been trying to set up a live account. No matter what I do - including setting the region to an English country - the box uses my IP and at the final step of account setup, says it can’t go any further unless I change the console language to Chinese. I don’t actually wish to play online games, I just want to download puzzle and party games for my wife. Does anyone have any idea about what I can do to get an account set up and use the marketplace to get games that have English?


I had the same problem… The whole IP checking of MS is really stupid…
I ended up creating my XBox Live account on the website, and not on the console.
Then, I created a new gamer profile on the xbox and linked it to the xbox live account, which I created on the website.

See this page under “Sign up on” for a general description:
There is a link that will lead you the page where you can setup the xbox live account online…

This procedure has one disadvantage:
You will not be able to get the free one-month gold membership (enabling you to play online against other players). You will only get that by creating a xbox live account via the xbox … each xbox has three of these one-month-trial-gold-memberships associated with it…
By creating the xbox live account on the web, you will only get the silver membership (good for access to xbox live market place… downloading all the games, demos, trailers, etc.). However you can then still pay, and upgrade for the gold membership :wink:

You do not need the Gold Membership to download games for your wife… Demos you get for free… If you want to download full-versions of the games, you have to buy these stupid MS points, with which you can go shopping for the games…

hope this helps you,
Mr. Rice