XBox Series X in Taiwan

Any one have any ideas about where in Taipei I could find an XBox Series X on or about launch day? I have enough using the chinese language apple store so I didn’t even bother trying to get a preorder in.

When is the launch day in Taiwan?

Nov 10.

Been to the Taipei City Mall underground mall? Video game stores are clustered down there.

Pre-orders sold out long ago, expect the usual ridiculous scalping on local websites for a few weeks and then look to order either through the XBOX website or PCHome.


Yes, but I hate that place…too crowded and inconvenient. There’s a similar grouping of video game stores in Guanghua Digital Plaza (I think that’s the place) with more stores, more options, and fewer people. But I thought maybe places like that wouldn’t be likely to have stock if that’s where everyone goes. Or perhaps not. I’ll probably swing by on Tuesday, take a look, and ask some people.

Yeah, I doubt I’ll be buying on local sites or PC Home, and I didn’t even know you could buy hardware from the xbox store, but I’d imagine that’d be sold out for awhile. For some reason, in Singapore and Taiwan I’ve found that random stores will have things that are typically sold out elsewhere (Pokémon controller, NES mini, special edition games, etc.).

I’ve never not been overcharged in Guanghua.

I used to live right next to it and go in almost every day when I was bored. How they get away with their ridiculous prices, I don’t know.

Why not just use a PC? Aren’t all Series X games also coming to PC?

I heard that Nintendo is in fact more popular than PS5 and Xbox.

I don’t own a PC and don’t enjoy the PC experience.

Well, the PS5 won’t be released until Nov 12, so yes, the Switch is selling better than it. PS is king for now, and I’ll pick up a PS5 when they release 2 or 3 exclusives I must play, but for me I mainly stick to Nintendo and Xbox.

I find most new technology is ridiculously overpriced in Taiwan. Video game consoles and hardware are usually just a bit overpriced, so it’s better than usual.

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Try home coffee machines. Insane prices.

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A lot of electronics is overpriced here. From hifi to Wifi. Taiwan is a small market, mostly import and a 10% import duty.

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They’re not.

All first party games are, so if you have a PC you’ll get most of the exclusives.

To answer your question

Yeah I probably should have explained that I was answering my own question after searching Google. Doh.

Those two categories of items are pretty horrible. Even the Samsung QLEDs which are made here cost more than twice the US price (at least last year they did).