Xbox360 or PS2... what to buy?

I’m so freakin’ bored over Chinese New Year, I think it’s time to buy a new console system. I’ve been out of the video game loop since the PS1, so I’m not too sure what I should buy. I want to go out and get one soon (like tonight!) and don’t really want to do to much research. I have a plasma TV and a kick ass surround stereo, so I’d really like to enjoy the games with great sound.

What do you think?


I just bought an Xbox and it’s great even on a TV without HD.

For me it was more a cost issue just couldn’t justify the extra 5+ grand

At the moment there are more games for the Xbox but that will obviously change.

I think u mean ps3 right? Anyway, it seems that Xbox360 seems to be the one to get at the moment…

If you want a PS2 I will practiccaly give it away. Just sitting around the house. I got it as a birthday present a couple of years back and I never played it. Its already hacked to play Taiwan or US games. Make me an offer and it is yours.

I actually meant the PS3, my bad. Thanks for the offer though, Hobart.

Oh, and from my experience, you pretty much want to get a high def. screen. I’ve seen the Xbox360 running on a normal tv and its shit. On a high def. screen its like WOW!

If you want something different…get a Wii.

PS3 is only nice if you have a HDTV,
but i agree with cdnmagic, get the Wii

Why waste HDTV on a Wii? Not saying its a bad system, but if you’re a true gamer, you’ll want an Xbox360. Wii is better for family entertainment, or when you invite your mates / chicks round for a few beers

HDTV for PS3
for Wii it does not matter
but for real gaming i would stay with the computer

[quote=“robi666”]HDTV for PS3
for Wii it does not matter
but for real gaming i would stay with the computer[/quote]

PS3 or Xbox360 in terms of HDTV,

but as a real gamer, I agree and stick with the PC…nothing more subtle than a keyboard and mouse when it comes to precision.

Hi all,

I agree in certain way that the PC is better especially when it comes to Personal shooter games. But on the PS3 you can plug a keyboard and mouse too:
This is also why I will buy a PS3 next month. The other reason is that you don’t have to install a game, you put the DVD game into the PS3 and play !!! No installation required and that’s realy appreciable.

Last but not least, Gran Tourismo !!! The ultimate simulation game among the game console. You agree?