Xenophobia towards prospective Indian blue collar migrant workers in Taiwan

This was a perfectly reasonable and balanced report that suggests that Taiwanese and Indian officials are working together to make the migrant worker program a success. It highlights that discrimination in Taiwan could be a problem and that the Indian side is aware of this.

Yes, the Chief Minister mentiond similar physical appearance. Not everyone in the world has perfect pitch for North American sensibilities.

Mizoram is about 2/3 the size of Taiwan but only has 1.25 million people and is 91% covered by forests. At first glance, this looks like a perfect state for Taiwan to try to build up cultural, scientific, and education exchanges with.

Which will be avoided by locals.

You may be pleased to discover that Indian food is now available everywhere in Taiwan.

Tainan City has about 15 Indian restaurants.

Even Pingtung City has a few!

Taiwanese customers are the vast majority in the Indian restaurants I patronize regularly up here in Taipei. Almost no business can survive in Taiwan without at least 80% Taiwanese customers.


Good Indian food, on the other hand, harder to get

4/5 Indian restaurants I’ve tried in Kaohsiung I won’t go back to (they adjust the flavors down for their Taiwanese customers)

The one time I went to an Indian restaurant in Taipei, in Taiwanese style they were randomly closed at dinner time on the weekend but open on Google Maps…

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I’ve almost accepted that the Indian food I eat will be adjusted down a notch or three. I like having at least one spicy curry in what I order, by which I mean something that might make you even sweat a bit. But that never happens in Taiwan, except at Madina in Hualien. But many say that Madina isn’t the real deal. They are Pakistani but they advertise as serving Indian food.


Not just the chilis, but all the spices. Garlic and ginger and cumin and tumeric and so on. Indian food is heavy on the flavor, Taiwanese food is heavy on lack thereof. Indian restaurants need to keep costs and flavor down to attract Taiwanese customers, so cutting back the ingredients makes perfect sense

So yeah, more people from India should mean better Indian food


Lol. :grin:


Taiwanese food is pretty bland on the whole but I love it

Cuz I’m Taiwanese of course

Foods that chin yeh and shin yeh serves

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AND I’m about to drive an hour to the gym and mostly to eat Indian food at one of my fav ones in concord now

80 miles round trip !!!

Waste of gas and toll but hey

20 bucks in gas and toll but I like going there couple times a month

Re: this blue collar worker scheme: we’ll see what happens, these workers will be I think in manufacturing.

Some years ago, the government here made a big deal of inking a labour agreement with Mongolia. With little fanfare, it appears to have simply been dropped.


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That’s a good point. I seem to remember that two particular problems were that Mongolians had trouble adjusting to Taiwan climate and, perhaps more importantly, Taiwanese brokers found it difficult to set up operations in Mongolia so that they could reliably (and illegally) pocket most of the placement fees that workers take on to come to Taiwan (and are the cause of many of the most serious problems).

I don’t think workers from Mizoram will have the first problem. Not sure about the second.

Pakistani food is Indian food, or one kind anyway.


It’s very normal for Pakistani people to make their restaurant as Indian food .
Not necessarily because the food is same which of course it is
But mainly because people are more willing to enter an indian restaurant compared to a Pakistani one when they read the name. It’s what one of the Pakistani chef told me


The two fav Indian restaurants I like in concord one is Indian and the other Pakistani and I don’t know if it’s just the difference between two restaurants or one is Pakistani and the other Indian but the food is different even though I ordered the same dishes

Different chefs


Different chefs will make different kinds of food. Not just between two countries but even chefs from different parts of India will make same dish in a different style and flavor


That must be it
And why the third fav lost its taste when ownership and chef changed

Japa has dibs on the East-Asian looking people first?

All kinds of folks are living, working, and studying in Japan now. Heaps of folks from India, Sri Lanka, among other places.


If you generalized,
Thai mostly was (becomes less and less) working primarily in constructions (male) and housewife (female).
Indonesian primarily work as farmers, fishermen (male) and caregivers (female).
Vietnamese primarily work as low-tech factory workers (male) and housewife (female).
Filipino primarily work as high-tech factory workers (male/female).

Think Indians will supplant Filipinos to work in chip fabrications, chemicals, etc.