Xi Jinping’s Little Red Wisdom App


Wonder if this will be available on app stores outside of China?

By Raymond Zhong

  • Feb. 14, 2019

BEIJING — Call it the Little Red App.

Part social platform, part indoctrination tool, a new smartphone app called Study the Great Nation represents the latest effort by the Chinese Communist Party to bring its propaganda initiatives into the mobile age.

So far, it seems to be working. Study the Great Nation recently became the most downloaded app on Apple’s app store in China, and on several app stores that cater to phones running Android as well.

Not all of the enthusiasm appears to have arisen organically, however. Since the app’s release at the beginning of the year, Communist Party branches at [universities] and [local governments have arranged for administrators to guide and monitor party members as they use the app for political education, according to [announcements] on [official]( [websites].

Study the Great Nation, which was produced by the central government’s Publicity Department, has polish and sheen enough to match any of China’s popular news and entertainment apps. Most of those apps are not focused so narrowly, however, on all things Xi Jinping, the country’s leader.


English title: Think think think….


Or “Red Brainwash”…


Oh, bother!


Great, but who are they going to purge from society this time around?


Anyone that can’t keep their social credit score up.


So China is operating on a Bell curve where the bottom 10% are purged every year?


More like the top 10%.