Xiàng qí 象旗 Board Game and Variations Question

I’m familiar with seeing people play Xiàng qí 象旗 around Taiwan. Today I saw a variation with the pieces are turned over one by one, and then eventually removed from the board. What is this game?

Xiàng qí 象旗

Variation (all pieces started red side up and turned over one by one)

It’s something like Stratego, if that means anything to you.

Holy crap. I played stratego as a kid. Forgot all about it.

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It is the gambling version… not much strategy to it - more luck on what type of power piece you turn over allowing you to collect game pieces…

Looking like they were gambling. One guy was standing and passing paper between each other like settling bets or something.

You got it… very observant of you! It can move pretty fast…