XiaoWulai? Almost...see the pics

OK, so, beautiful day today, we’re up at 5:45 on our way to XiaoWulai.
Nobody on the road, it was a nice ride from Taipei and we were very excited about hikking in XiaoWulai.
We are on road 7 we take the left turn to XiaoWulai and just before we get to the Toll booth…

That’s a no go!!! We keep going few hundred yards and we get at the toll booth and the road is closed. We were kindly asked to turn back. The last typhoon has made some major damage and so the area is closed. So is La La Shan.
So much for waking up at 6am.
We decide then to go toShrMen Reservoir and ride around the place.
It was very nice.

Also the road to the reservoir had some very nice little inroads that we took just to check them out.

So, although we didn’t get to see Xiao Wulai, we had a splendid day.
We were back in Taipei by 5:30.
Thanks to MM and MJB for the directions. :wink:

Sorry to hear that…

That section was half collapsed already, the earthquake must have finished it off.

We tried the back door approach by going up through Neiwan, up the ridge to the 120, and down into the valley to Baling. The amount of combined Typhoon/earthquake damage has to be seen to be believed. We were stopped as well by a massive landslide only about 10km from Baling. All of our campsites are gone, and of course there are no signs saying that the road is out. :fume:

Like you, we had a great day, but most of it was spent driving and staring spellbound at the sheer volume of rocks and debris that had come down.