Xinyi, dunhua or zhongxiao fuxing?

Hi all,

I will be relocating to Taiwan in few month for a period of at least a year

my office is in Dunhua north, a bit further from the MRT (around 1.5Km)

i was previously visiting Taipei and was staying in Xinyi, i liked the area, but getting to work every morning (by taxi) was with many traffic jams, as well as the way back to Xinyi in the evening, sometimes a ride took 25-40 minutes…

I am a single male, so i do care about nightlife and things to do after hours, i haven’t seen many of these near Dunhua (or did i miss it?)

i know that Xinyi has some good nightlife, and also zhongxiao fuxing got some (less than Xinyi) though…but is it worth the morning/evening traffic jams and long time to get to work? also, maybe there is a bus line with a dedicated lane that may be faster?

any thoughts? ideas? other close by areas that i haven’t thought of?

Thank you all, and see you soon in Taiwan :slight_smile:


If you’re concerned with traffic and minimal time traveling, then a good option is to live near Dunhua/Zhongxiao where you can catch bus to/from office and still have a few clubs, and many restaurants and shopping.

If you already like Xinyi area and shopping is important, then Xinyi city hall area is good.

Club and nightlife location is a lower priority until you find the clubs you like. They are focused in different areas of town but all easily accessible by taxi after work hours when traffic is better.

thank you Tango

i want a place that will be lively, even not the best bar/club scene but at least some good options, but yet close to work

as far as i remember Dunhua was quite empty afterhours? for some reasons everytime i was out of work (sometimes 8,9pm) it looks like everybody went to bed already

also, if i choose zhongxiao fuxing, is it easy & fast to get to dunhua north by bus? is it just one or need to switch few? any estimate how long is the ride on morning/evening traffic?

Yes, Dunhua is quiet at night.

Consider Zhongxiao/Dunhua area but maybe difficult to find a place as popular. This was also the suggestion for a direct bus to Dunhua north.

If you like dance clubs and lounge bars, Xinyi. If you like college happenin’, try near the universities. Lots of drink n a little dancing.

Thanks again Tango!

what do you mean near the universities? Shi’da? i believe it will take me a lot of time to get to work and back from there, no?

Xinyi also got a good bus line to Dunhua? for taxi it took me 25-50 minutes to get to Dunhua, does bus has it’s dedicated lane and may take faster?

thanks again for all the help, and sorry for all the questions, i am so newbie :slight_smile:


Shida Roosevelt Road area has college clubs, shops, restaurants… like any college area. But lots of people go there to party. It’s a cheap place to live and like you would imagine an area near colleges to be like.

Nothing in Taipei really takes a lot of time or cost. 10-15 minutes max by taxi to get just about anywhere. Buses take longer. MRT could be faster. Living area will also depend on your housing budget.

I use google on my iPhone to check buses. Just a quick check shows bus 1211 goes from city hall to north Dunhua. You can check yourself on buses in advance. Buses have dedicated lanes but not on Dunhua. The bus is not that great of a mode of transportation during rush hours. Crowds, steamy windows, traffic… rain to deal with a lot in Taipei…

Thanks Tango!

not sure yet on my housing budget, but i believe my company will be decent with it, even though don’t know the details yet

i think that given the things i heard from you, i can’t rely too much on bus, and since my office is somewhat distant from MRT maybe i should just live in the quiet (dunhua) and take a taxi/mrt to hangout places after hours when i’m not in rush, and traffic is less busy…

so maybe something nanjing.e MRT and dunhua north will be optimal…any other thoughts?

btw, are there any modern buildings in dunhua area? or is it all old in this neighborhood?


There are lots of buses running north and south on Dunhua, so look for what buses stop near your company’s office and then look for apartments on those bus lines (maybe even near an MRT stop).

hi Idearat, thanks

is there a way to find out what bus station is near my office by address? (preferred in english)

or do i need to physically get to the office and look for the nearest bus station?

i’ve seen post in the sticky … x_6_1.aspx

but for that i need to find out what is the bus numbers, which i have no idea :frowning:

ok, after getting hold of bus lines using google maps, is there any “modern” housing area with some nice views in dunhua/zhongxiao, same as they have in newly renovated xinyi? or is it all old buildings and view of buildings and traffic outside the window?