Xinyi Road (信義路) Hiking Shops/Stores Review

All the shops and stores essentially have the same items focusing on clothing and shoes but with different labels. Quite a few have backpacks but not really much else in terms of camping gear other than a couple of shops with a few sleeping bags. The styles are mostly generic and/or geared for older people . Go Hiking is the only standout shop having a few internationally recognizable brands, the best quality, with modern, young and trendy styling.

There are a total of 15 shops along Hsinyi Road (信義路) all on the right (south) side between Jianguo and Taipei 101 with the majority located between Jianguo and Fuxing. There are 5 shops between Jianguo and AIT, 8 shops between AIT and Fuxing, with 2 more shops further down the road between Fuxing and Guangfu before Taipei 101. There are 3 Traveler branded shops so if you see one, you’ve seen them all.

No shops on Hsinyi Road have SCOTTeVEST hidden pocket travel clothing and only one shop has PACSAFE bags and accessories. Go Hiking with two locations on Hsinyi Road is the only shop with PACSAFE with the shop at 166-1 having the most variety.

While all the shops have jackets, the shop with the most impressive selection of jackets and coats is the at 152 Hsinyi. Quite a few shops have large selections of shoes but don’t miss perhaps the largest selection at 162-2 where the shoes are located on the second floor.

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